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Methven deal off

Thomas Sandgaard said today that the sale of the football club to Charlie Methven and his consortium is off.

Sandgaard’s reasoning is that there were “some very specific terms that were very clear at the end of January and coming into February that they didn’t comply with.”

Methven’s group say that a price was always agreed at £8.5million for a 90 per cent stake in the football club and that a deposit (£850,000) was paid and banks funded. It is not thought that the EFL had yet given it’s approval.

In a nest of liars, who to believe?

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An upgrade in optimism

After seeing some of the good work going on at Sparrows Lane I decided to leave off picking on Thomas Sandgaard for a while. The investment the owner along with Valley Gold has made at Sparrows Lane is transformational. The new buildings and great improvement to the infrastructure at the training ground is impressive, even more so knowing that the land and the facility is owned by Roland Duchatelet.

The new environment can’t help but to bring fresh optimism, culture and ambition when Ben Garner meets his players for the first time in person next week.

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Knowing math, and knowing football

This Blog has often questioned Thomas Sandgaard’s grasp of football club ownership. It’s never questioned his intentions, his enthusiasm nor his business acumen. I would also say too much communication is far better than none at all. Thomas meet Roland.

If you listened to Zynex’s recent investor call (I did as I am a shareholder, which so far hasn’t proven to be one of my most astute investments), then Thomas can come across as a driven single minded head of a company and entrepreneur.

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Sandgaard laughs off Bassini threats

That man of the people Laurence Bassini has threatened to wind Charlton Athletic up unless he is paid the £1.7m he thinks he is owed by the football club after he ‘helped’ bring in ESI to rescue the club from Roland Duchâtelet.

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One year on

A year ago yesterday Thomas Sandgaard rode into SE7 like a knight in shining armor with a guitar slung over his shoulder.

It has been a difficult first year for Sandgaard, but I for one would not forego difficult for non-existent, because that is where we were heading under a series of crooks and chancers that followed the negligence of Roland Duchatelet.

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Thanks for the memories Lee

A sad day.

Lee Bowyer gave me one of the best days of my life. 90 +4. Wembley Stadium. Me, my son, my brother, my mates, 39,000 joyous fellow Addicks. Thank you Lee.

This time may well be right for everyone, and although I cringed whenever fellow fans were calling for his head, today’s resignation with a move to Birmingham City expected allows everyone to shake hands turn around, and walk away with a big smile on their faces.

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Pompey game called off. Now on Tuesday

It’s poured all week in London town, and about an hour before kick off the officials called our game against Portsmouth off, the first game called off for weather since Roland Duchatelet refused to repair the pitch drainage.

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Thomas Sandgaard week one

A week ago today.

The dark clouds lifted in SE7, the sky cleared and in walked Thomas Sandgaard. Guitar, sunglasses and all.

It was still the dead of night in Castle Rock, Colorado but a man slept in his bed knowing that the next day he would be the owner of Charlton Athletic Football Club.

It was no dream, Sandgaard had finally closed the deal after getting EFL approval and OADT sign off. With no shortage of help from top law firm Freshfields Druckhaus Deringer, the Dane had navigated the shark infested waters of ESI and claimed ownership of our historic club.

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Barclay and Varney drop out

The Andrew Barclay and Peter Varney takeover of Charlton was always destined to fail. Too good to be true. A progressive young empathetic businessman with plenty of family money combined with, well, simply one of us. Not only an Addick, but a proven leader. I’ve had dreams not as good as that.

Richard Murray has poisoned Roland Duchatelet’s mind towards Peter Varney about absolute claptrap. But the snake Murray got into the Belgian’s head and he was never prepared to speak to Varney or Barclay. Add to that as Barclay said himself, the risks of doing business with ESI are also too great, then today the pair decided to drop out of their bid to buy the club.

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Dave Jones the next blood sucker to appear at the pyre

As surprised as Chris Farnell was when those Addicks stormed his office in Hale on Friday, were those Addicks who saw David Jones sat with Farnell plotting his future role in their phony organization.

Rich Cawley now reports that Farnell and Elliott want ex-Cardiff and Sheffield Wednesday manager Dave Jones to be head of the football side of the club with Gallen and Bowyer reporting to him.

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Duchatelet due survival bonus

One of the long list of items to be resolved before Huw Jenkins, or any other potential buyer for that matter, wants before buying the club, also includes a £1.5m ‘bonus’ ESI promised to pay Roland Duchatelet if we stay up.

Journalist Alan Nixon, who broke the Jenkins story, had been hinted at other unknown liabilities the last couple of days and today dropped the story. You can read it here.

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Lyle Taylor has never been one to hide his true feelings. Rightly he stepped away from social media after taking himself a little too seriously, although he couldn’t resist the odd barb, which has kept us amused during lockdown like the photo above of his namesake’s Range Rover dealership just after Matt Southall and his partner had their cars impounded.

Taylor is extremely likeable, articulate, grounded and an all round good bloke. Matt Southall is neither of those things.

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Our very own TV series

Another week. Another week of isolation, and another week of Tahnoon Nimer keeping his hands firmly in his pocket.

Staff got paid at Charlton this week, thankfully, but that money again came out of the current account leftover from the days of Duchatelet and whatever funds have been given to the club by the EFL.

The players have deferred their salaries by 25% to help the continual financing of the club, and non-playing staff were furloughed. Although those operating the website and social media platforms carry on working in earnest. That your Excellency, an oxymoron if ever I saw one, is what you call commitment and responsibility.

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The fight to save our club

Maybe I’ve been locked up indoors too long, but I think the first person I may hug after all this is over is Simon Jordan.

In event times the ex-Palace owner and chairman has stood up for Charlton and it’s supporters more than Richard Murray has done for years. The world has changed, a lot, but who would have thought that in 2006?

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Nimer also looking to cash in

The Evening Standard is reporting that they have sources claiming that Tahnoon Nimer is trying to sell Charlton for as much as £4,000,000. Quite a mark up on the £1 ESI acquired it from Roland Duchatelet.

After on Monday telling fans that he’d “never let us down and that he was ready to inject money and support it,” he’s apparently looking to cash it in without doing anything as far as I can, including still convincing the EFL that he has the funds and credible sourcing.

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