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New training ground plans

According to local Eltham based community magazine SEnine, Charlton have submitted new proposals for Sparrows Lane training ground improvements. Scaled down from those previously submitted, which literally lay in the dirt, the new plans still include a purpose-built indoor facility and a two storey pavilion to house state-of-the-art training equipment and accommodation.

This on the back of Roland Duchatelet’s recognition of the work Steve Gallen does may suggest that the old bugger maybe having second thoughts on wanting to out. Perhaps he’s had a peek at the league table.

Who the hell knows what goes on in the spaghetti bowl of Duchatelet’s brain. We for sure don’t. Pre-Duchatelet the original planning for Sparrow Lane improvements was secured by grants. RD then took over, overhauled and upped the plans to a grander scale and I f I can remember RD was funding that by loans against the club. I wonder where they sit?

The plans are expected to get approval, although neighbours the Friends of Avery Hill Park may still have a say as they have been less than best pleased with the lack of partnership and communication from the club. Shocker.

The training development has been a white elephant for years, but in the Duchatelet-era Tony Keohane, Katrien Meire and Duchatelet himself would roll out the training ground redevelopment rhetoric to shut us up. Keohane promised it would be finished by 2018.

Let’s see where these plans go. Like almost everything under his ownership, it’s impossible to second guess him.

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  1. We know he has been lying to sell CAFC but eff off we don’t want you here, unless you get your vast wallet out and give Manager and key players proper contracts GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    September 11, 2019

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