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Addicks and Blackpool fans join forces

Charlton and our friends from Blackpool joined forces today to protest against not just our irresponsible owners, but the many others, outside the EFL offices in west London today. Meanwhile northern based Addicks and a large contingent of Blackpool fans gathered outside the EFL HQ in Preston and loudly made their presence known.

The protests were heavily picked up by the national media as well as Sky Sports and a large crowd made their feelings loud and clear. Two Addicks got to meet EFL chief executive Shaun Harvey, and after, one of them Alan Davis, said that Harvey confirmed the delay in the ‘Australian takeover’ is not as a result of any lack of process of documentation at the EFL. This the reason that Duchatelet, de Turck and Murray have all publicly stated as the reason any takeover has not yet happened.

Alan told BBC Sport “If that’s the case, then the question has to be what is holding up the takeover? We look forward to hearing more from the EFL once they had that meeting at the club.”

I mean, and Harvey is a little bit of a snake as we know, there could be a thousand follow up questions that remain unanswered, but what is clear, and to no surprise to anyone, is that Duchatelet, de Turck and Murray don’t appear to have told us the full or truthful story. Shocking I know.

Well done to Addicks and Blackpool fans that were in London and Preston today. I appreciate your commitment to our joint cause.

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