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What happens today?

Roland Duchatelet has typed or dictated some scatterbrained old tosh in the past, but yesterday’s beats the lot.

As always blaming everybody and everything other than himself. The man has no shame. Dragging into public consumption details of salaries and negotiations is utterly disgusting. He trashes other clubs and their owners because as we know only Roland has the plan for a sustainable and successful football club.

Duchatelet has dealt with agents broadly since he and Katrien Meire were in charge of the club. We had the third highest agent fees in League One in 2018 and in two seasons RD lined agents pockets to the tune of over £1m. So why the dig at Lee having a representative? The poor bloke has had to deal with Duchatelet’s representative Lievan de Turck for ages. Conflict of interests my arse.

The club could be sold in a few weeks, but no one wants to buy us because we are losing money. More crackpot riddles than during happy hour in Dublin.

I have given up trying understanding what it all means, except that the headline thrust a knife into all of our hearts.

Now, Roland’s statement came just two hours after Lee was shown on the pitch with new signing Macauley Bonne. One assumes that photo wasn’t taken yesterday. Word also has it from inside the club that Roland and his crackpot representatives have lined up signings behind Bowyer and Gallen’s back, and that Jason Euell turned down the role of caretaker manager.

Meanwhile those close to Bowyer say that he was shocked by the announcement. I don’t see Bowyer getting too flustered about much, and can just see him now mouthing ‘dick’ under his breath when told of the latest OS rant. He has always said he can’t control what he can’t control, and man there is no controlling this lunatic.

Late last evening it became the tale of two journalists. Champion arse-licker Jim White announced that he will talk to Duchatelet on air tomorrow. Course you will mate. Lovely, More narcissist bollocks from the two of you.

Then friend of Charlton a closer to the club than most Rich Cawley said that Bowyer and Duchatelet will also talk today. I have no idea how that conversation starts and ends, but don’t buckle Bow, get what you deserve and are happy with. If you walk out of there still Charlton manager, you will again make thousands and thousands of Addicks very, very happy.

Another sleepless night lays ahead.

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  1. LP #

    Oh God, oh God, oh God. My nerves can’t stand this. JUST SELL THE BLOODY CLUB. Please contact me CA when its all over.

    June 18, 2019

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