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Just staggering

I took today of work mostly to look after my daughter who wasn’t well enough to go to school, but it also did me a proper favour as my voice was shot and I am absolutely knackered. That was quite the weekend.

Today the club made a decision to split the Jimmy Seed Stand for the 2nd leg and make available 1,000 tickets to Addicks. These went on sale at 5pm. By midnight 850 of those had been sold. The rest will surely go first thing and over 24,000 Addicks will back Bowyer’s men on Friday night.

That is truly staggering. Without Premier League football, or heavily discounted matchday tickets, this clamour for tickets has rarely been like this for decades. You’d wonder how many tickets we could have sold if it wasn’t for capacity and segregation restrictions. The depth of feeling this past week or two has been incredible showing what unbelievable potential this club has.

For all that we have been through. How the owner has alienated us, denigrated us, belittled us, shafted us. We are still here with Charlton in our hearts. Many still won’t come including close mates, but they will. Just sell the club.

What Lee Bowyer and I’m going to include Johnnie Jackson, Andy Marshall and Steve Gallen in this, have unlocked within us is quite something.

Hats off to the comms team, the ticket office and Mick Everett, who I suspect was influential in the Jimmy Seed opening.

Red Army.

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  1. Shadow Play #

    Something of a surprise though that Doncaster have only sold 2000 tickets. It’s a Friday night so no work for most people the next day, this is their biggest match in a decade and with the late goal on Sunday they have a real chance of progressing on to Wembley. I make us to be favourites but I’m not assuming/being complacent about the result. And yes, the job that Bow and his team have done has been amazing and that has been made all the harder thanks to our Belgian owner. I just hope that whatever happens that Bow signs on for another year at least.

    May 16, 2019

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