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The lying rat. Djiksteel sold

Anfernee Djiksteel will complete his move to Middlesbrough on Tuesday just a few days after Roland Duchatelet said he wasn’t for sale, That wasn’t true of course as Boro just had to meet Roly’s price, which was £2m. Djiksteel is being paid peanuts, Duchatelet offers a few more peanuts, but would rather liquidize the asset, and Boro offer the 22-year old £10k a week. As Lee Bowyer knew last week, that is the end of that.

41 league games the youngster has played, one proper season, and now he is gone. Roland Duchatelet is dismantling our club one brick at a time. He really didn’t want promotion did he.

Now we have one right back, just like we had one left back for the first half of last season. How deep Gallen and Bowyer are in exploring right back options I have no idea, but desperately needing five new bodies becomes six, and the budget doesn’t move a jot.

Absolutely sickening.

UPDATE: Wednesday 7th, August: Confirmed

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  1. We all know what is going on but what the hell can we do and see he seels 2 other clubs easily. Wants to sell lying old git. lower the price u turd

    August 5, 2019
  2. alex #

    I think we all know by now there is no sale, nor has there ever been one. Just like i want to sell my 10 grand car for 100 grand, a sale is only between a willing buyer and willing seller. When you ask a crazy price, you don’t want to sell.

    August 6, 2019
  3. Have just read alarming reports that Taylor is next, I think if that happens Bowyer position will become impossible, I think “The light bulb salesman” is he’ll bent on destruction, I think the wins at Wembley and Blackburn have spooked him badly, how has it come to this, a man with a fortune out to destroy a football club
    that has survived two World wars, losing its stadium, 114years, he is not even from this country, what motivates these people, how many millions does he want? business is business but this is just beyond a joke,
    Got to say I was an ardent “remainer” but Brussels and Belgium seem to be too much in my life at the moment thought we were supposed to be friends.

    August 6, 2019
  4. Bobby Green #

    How did the RAT make his money, no money sense at all ie Konsa sold for £2 million with no sell on clause ,one year later he sells for £12 million , Djiksteel £2 million sell on clause ?? Taylor £3 million ??? Aribo £300 k withdrew contract offer, Grant went for peanuts?? Wave a cheque book his eyes light up like Blackpool lights .

    August 6, 2019
  5. Will be interesting to see what incoming transfers we have before the deadline. I wonder if Bowyer has looked at the situation, seen he has Solly and Oshilaja who can cover at right back and struck a deal with Roland to release some, if not all of the £2m to strengthen in midfield/upfront. The lack of activity in these positions until now may have forced Bowyer’s hand to reconsider the position on Djiksteel.

    August 6, 2019
    • I admire your optimism, but there is no chance of that money being reinvested, “The light bulb salesman knows he is going to make a loss this season, so by asset stripping the Club it will guarantee relegation and limit his losses, and force Bowyer to go to an owner who values him, no our owner will not be happy until we are in league 2 when he can then claim that the stadium and training ground are no longer viable for a league two club, and then we can go and groundshare with Welling Utd. What does a man of his age want with all that money
      perhaps he is Henry the Seventh reincarnated.

      August 6, 2019
  6. Charlton pete #

    Taylor goes: demonstrations return/boycotts increase/Bower walks/crowds dwindle/team spirit dies/relegation through to the National league = Duchatelets plan

    August 6, 2019
  7. Victor Payne #

    I have been a fan of Charlton seen the age of 15 when I was a youth Player but did not make it. If we do not get rid of the idiolt soon Charlton will die ,all he is doing is getting what he can out of the club (basically asset stripping) he did the same to SL in Belgium. All I can hope is there a God up there to get rid of him and sell the club .

    August 6, 2019
  8. greg brown #

    The man is a complete prick and has no interest in the football club at all apart from how much he can make from stripping its assets bare.
    Lies,rants,money grabbing,and an undying need to crucify a football club that has existed since 1905 seem to be the main things on his agenda.

    August 6, 2019

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