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Another wow moment

As sure as night follows day, you prod the old yellow-teethed loon and sure enough he reacts. On Tuesday after his property was daubed with graffiti he called into TalkSport and after getting put back in his box by Simon Jordan, he yesterday reverted back to his favourite tool of one-way communication and wrote another mind-boggling statement himself on the club’s website.

This ‘proposal’ followed the most recent fans forum held on Wednesday when Duchatelet’s puppet Lieven De Turck and head of communications Tom Rubashow, whose career aspirations are shrinking as quickly as his bosses brain, changed the agenda at the last minute to make the meeting solely about alleged vandalism by “two fans” at Duchatelet’s property and his crackpot proposal of the EFL buying the club.

One of the FF attendees described the meeting to me as bizarre and weirder and weirder.

Yesterday was another, wow, just wow moment. The man is a complete loony tune and an outright danger to the future of our great football club.

He doesn’t need me to belittle him and denunciate him on these pages. I’ve got better things to do. He can do that for himself. For a man who likes to manage his own communications and reputation. He should try googling himself.

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  1. LP #

    Have you read Daniel Taylor’s article in the Observer on Sunday – how I laughed. Well you have to don’t you – or else you’d cry. The whole of football is unanimous on this one. Well done Roland now there is no doubt – and I hope all those people who have continued to support you now realise too – although I doubt it.

    March 4, 2019
    • Hi LP, yes I saw it. Was very good and the latest rant has to have made even the most casual bystander realize was an absolute madman.

      March 4, 2019

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