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About me

I’ve always had a fascination with writing and after leaving London to live and work in Chicago in 2003, I started blogging my experiences a few months later. Ultimately Chicago Addick was born out of my supporting Charlton Athletic from afar, this after being a regular attendee at home and away games for 28 years. But this blog is not just Charlton related and has become a doodle pad of my life, my travels, my dreams, my anguishes and whatever else the day brings.

Born and bred in South East London, my Dad took me to The Valley after the Dutch side in the 1974 World Cup opened my starry eyes to the beautiful game. Charlton wasn’t quite the same but stood amongst lots of big people on the vast Valley terraces I was instantly smitten, this despite us losing and Derek Hales getting sent off in my first game.

Charlton Athletic has remained a love-affair that has continued to outlive almost everything else in my life despite all their trials and tribulations.

I went to school in Catford (it was so good, it is now a petrol station), skipped college because I wanted to earn some money and frankly I wasn’t clever enough and started working in the city as a very wet-behind-the-ears 17-year old. I remember back then that the taste of beer made me shudder but I soon got used to it.

I left South East London at 30 and dabbled with the Kentish countryside. I also dabbled with marriage, both didn’t last too long although as a result I have a 22-year old son, who still lives in Kent and has also inherited, from where I don’t know, an Addick affliction.

I lived for 18 months in Hornchurch in Essex, and have a great group of friends there, but eventually overstayed my welcome at a best mate’s house and decided to grab an opportunity to work for my company in their head office in Chicago, a city I have since become the biggest advocate for. If you have never been, then you simply have not been to one of the best cities in the world.

I moved to Bermuda with the same company in July 2008. Bermuda is an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean about 640 miles from the nearest landmass in North Carolina. It is a nice blend of old England and new America and is strikingly beautiful but equally remarkably peculiar in many, many ways.

Along this expatriate journey I found someone beautiful to love me and my idiosyncracies and we managed to produce a daughter in October 2009, and as much as my son is quick-witted and smart, she is beautiful and cherished. Our busy liberated lives will never be the same again, just enriched…. and knackering.

I love to travel, and spend as much time as feasible back at home (London will always be home) seeing my son, family, mates and those ruddy Addicks. I am a whore for a new place and I have an aversion to going back to the same place twice, which by the way is an impossibility on a 20.6 sq. mile island.

I work in risk, trading it on to large corporations who should know better. It sounds boring but it isn’t always and work has allowed me to meet many fantastic people, given me plenty of great moments and a few quid to have some fun with. As I get older I get restless and tire of doing things that bore me and find more and more I start conversations with “when I retire….” not because I want to give up work, or get old but because I can’t wait to spend days doing exactly what I like.

Those things include cooking, film, music, sleeping, photography, collecting watches, being able to afford to collect nice watches, drinking good wine as well as travelling the world, and writing. I am convinced there is a book in me and also a painting. I don’t know where the painting idea came from, but if only I had more time I could go and buy myself some paints and a paint brush and find out.

I hope you continue to pop by this blog and my postings encourage you to come back again. If you have just found me, then welcome.

You can also follow my regular 140-character ramblings on Twitter or if you want to get in touch, then feel free to email me at

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  1. Tel #

    Have a lovely Christmas mate…..

    All the best for a prosperous new year


    December 24, 2010
  2. I live in Batavia, Illinois and have done so for the past seven years. Like you I am a Charlton nut. I was born in Abbey Wood, SE2 in 1944. My first Charlton game was Sam Bartrams 500th against Portsmouth in 1954. I was also at the Valley when Johnny Summers put five goals past Huddersfield in that epic game. I believe Charlton need five more points to be sure of promotion.

    April 9, 2012
  3. Gerald, nice to hear from you. What the hell are you doing in Batavia?

    April 9, 2012
  4. Chicago,

    On “Life” I’m WasCharleyOne. I look in when I can and I just wanted to let you know I wanted to nominate your blog Sir.

    We’ll finish 8th with a double over Palace and a home loss against Millwall, you heard it here first.


    August 23, 2012
  5. Much appreciated Chris.

    September 9, 2012
  6. I have followed your blogs via Newsnowcharlton and find them very entertaining and readable. So it was good to read your profile which gives me a better understanding of the man behind the voice. Keep it up and if you hear first the Josh Harris is going to be our new owners, then get it on lone fast. All the best for Christmas to you and your wife. And you little angel. Anthony

    November 30, 2013
  7. TRB #

    Stephen Henderson played two first team games for West Ham – both in the League Cup in 2012. In 2013-14, He spent several months on loan to Ipswich Town as first choice goalkeeper before that very short spell at Bournemouth.

    July 18, 2014
  8. Alan #

    I did not come across Forever Charlton until about a year ago and enjoy reading about my club Charlton. I haved read your blog as interested in your USA travels. I did not read your background until today which prompted this contact. I might add I fully endorse your comments on the Golden Gate ( a great spot is on the hill abouve the other side of the bridge–magic). A few weeks ago went to Alcatraz for the first time despite having lived there and some great views there too.

    I was born in Catford (1948) and went to school at St Mary;s in Lewisham and then later to Aske’s in New Cross. Today I live in the Laguna area, Orange County, CA having also lived in NJ, NY, NY city, Sarsota and for my sins Reno, NV

    My dad took me to the Valley when I was about five and enjoyed the likes of Willie Duff, Stuart Leary and then Firmani etc. I saw the magic Huddersfield game and the one also deep in my heart was the 6-1 away win at Luton when Dennis XXX scored a hatrick. I flirted with the dark side especially Millwall for a few games but no I was hooked on Charlton. I went to every home game and about 5-6 away games a year until we left for the USA.

    I accepted a job in NJ back in 1977 and did not see a game again until 1983-5 when we went back for 2 years. But since coming back in 85 have not seen a game. Yet like many am hooked and go to Charlton sites 4-5 times a day and read all the blogs. It is forever part of my lfe and soul.

    It seems as I read your background have much the same thoughts and pleasures. I left school at 17 as i wanted to earn money. We lived in Kent Sidcup,Bexley, Halstead and found myself at 24 being offered a Presidents job in the USA. After 9 years decided to return to the UK but quickly realized you cannot go back and thankfuly two years later a US Publishing co in Berkely CA offered me a President role. Today I have my own magazine publishing co which in about 10 days from now will be sold as I head to retirement ( I must admit the nearer it gets the scarier it becomes). While I love coming ‘home’ to the UK 3 times a year we typically stay 4-5 days before heading soemwhere else.

    Like you I enjoy good food, wine and travel and fortunate to be able to travel to our condos in Hawaii and South of France and hopefully next stop Russia and the rest of our bucket list. Certainly, I will have a lot more time to plan the next stop on our travels.

    Keep up the good work with your blog–really enjoy it


    October 12, 2014
  9. Alan, many thanks for your comment and underscores the reason why I get a kick out of blogging and telling my stories.

    Enjoy retirement, up the Addicks.

    October 21, 2014
  10. Guy #


    January 31, 2016
  11. Smashing website, great stuff…I stumbled across your website when I couldn’t quite place a face in a photograph from the ITV World Cup 1974 programme. It was Bob Moncur. Thanks for that! If you don’t mind a Chelsea fan following you, I’ll do so. Love Chicago by the way…might be passing through in the summer.

    Chris, CFC.

    February 20, 2016
  12. Roger Pope #

    Thanks for your regular blogs and if you wanted to meet up for a Charlton chat I will be in in Bermuda from Thursday 19th September until 26th September. I have been attending the Valley since 1963 and a current season ticket holder.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    September 15, 2019
    • Roger. I’m very sorry but I was not on the island when you were. How was your trip?

      October 1, 2019

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