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Oh no, not Taylor

Sick to my stomach. That is how I felt this morning when I woke up and saw all the Lyle Taylor transfer stuff online. Even ratified by journo sage Rich Cawley.

Brentford are flush and in the market for a striker after selling Neil Maupay to Brighton for £20m, and Middlesbrough, well they can’t believe how easy it is to take sweets from a senile old football club murderer.

We can’t stop clubs coming in from our players, it’s a compliment, although only if you say thanks, but no thanks, but it’s a crime if you have an owner wanting to demolish a proud football club. Duchatelet is clearly rattled that against the odds we were promoted and is doing his utmost to liquidize our assets, load on debt, make us uncompetitive and relegate us back to League One.

Duchatelet will need more than sycophant Jim White in his corner if he accepts an offer for Taylor, he will need 24 hour security.

As for Taylor. Who knows. He has yet to sign a contract extension, has spoken openly against the owner, has sat and watched another player sold this week after getting the winner at Blackburn on Saturday. Loyalty, togetherness, spirit and kinship only goes so far.

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  1. Alan Oakes #

    And sadly that is the outcome of two year contracts….one good year and they have to be sold to get any money instead of nothing as Aribo…..Why anyone who is wanted would stay and play for this delusional twit is beyond me.

    August 6, 2019
  2. John hucks. #

    Can’t sell it one way so now asset stripping.what a bar steward.

    August 6, 2019
  3. Steve White #

    Given the long running press on the increased costs of Championship football frankly when the BFG scored the Wembley winner – I was expecting to find whilst on the return Wembley Way celebrations, news that our beloved owner had departed by way of a short Japanese implement. Alas no.
    The strategy of selling Karlan in January had seriously backfired.
    Roland obviously saw the increased sales opportunity from being in the Championship, and by increasing the price from £33m to £40m, thus offsetting the objection of the outstanding directors loans, expected to sell.
    However the recent Talk Sport marketing campaign has clearly put that opportunity well and truly to bed.
    So sitting the other side of the fence for a minute, selling Djiksteel to Boro for £2m, plus the extra £2.5m from Lookman, if he can now sell Taylor for £4-5m that will offset most of the increased costs for this year, and surely ensure relegation back to League 1 for next season. Job done.
    What bit don’t you get. ?

    August 6, 2019
  4. Richard.Partos #

    If Lyle goes it will take us years to rebuild-he is the spirit of the team personified in one player.

    Worse can happen,Lee Bowyer (and Steve Gallen)will both probably go-they have worked miracles for us,but the might as well go where they will be appreciated and renumerated

    Lost in the West

    August 6, 2019
  5. Ken #

    Sky Sports News is reporting that the Brentford bid for Taylor has been rejected….

    August 6, 2019
  6. The” light bulb salesman” has a python like grip on the club, making sure that there can be no happy future for us all, it’s almost like he has nothing to hurt and hate in his life so he knows by his actions he can do it to thousands of loyal supporters, what ever action we take he wins, if we boycott the club it will just give him an excuse to sell even more assets, the whole theoretical basis of football in this country is that a Sunday Park team could eventually make it to the Premier league, but this guy has all but severed that route, it is just so pathetic that a person who can afford everything in life, has to get his kicks destroying a proud football club, what a saddo.

    August 6, 2019
  7. Terry Lloyd #

    It on such occasions as this, when key players are sold and those monies do not flow back into the club to replace them, but rather goes to the owner to offset his costs – then clearly the owner has no interest in the club but to try and break even financially. Duchalet is being short-sighted, because the more successful Charlton Athletic FC is the more likely he is to be able to ask a better asking price for the club. In effect he is “shooting himself in the foot”. He cannot even be trusted to mean NO when he says a player is not for sale. Further, it puzzles me why players are sold to other clubs while they are still under contract! True that at the end of the contract that player can leave for nothing, BUT it also allows the club a whole year (in the case of Taylor) to make the player an attractive offer to keep him. Frankly the contract that are being written these days are not worth the paper they are written on if they can be broken so easily by the owner(s).

    August 6, 2019
    • Players are never so loyal to their contracts as when they have a long term injury, it’s set in stone, now we have some shinning examples of players come back from injury and want to show thanks to club and supporters, Chris Solly (not many like him anymore), and of course JFC, but we also have had others, not played for ages and when fit they can’t wait to make a money spinning move out of the door, contracts, we’ll to people like me anyway, are papers of convenience, sometimes suits the club and more often or not the players, if they are told they are staying put they just “sqweem and sqweem” until they get their way and the agent does well also, sometimes I wonder how much unrest is engineered by these agents, let’s face it players who are happy and settled at a club are not much cop to them.

      August 7, 2019

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