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Dave Jones the next blood sucker to appear at the pyre

As surprised as Chris Farnell was when those Addicks stormed his office in Hale on Friday, were those Addicks who saw David Jones sat with Farnell plotting his future role in their phony organization.

Rich Cawley now reports that Farnell and Elliott want ex-Cardiff and Sheffield Wednesday manager Dave Jones to be head of the football side of the club with Gallen and Bowyer reporting to him.

There was talk of Jones replacing Steve Gallen at the end of last week as he attempted to foist two unnamed signings onto Lee Bowyer and Steve Gallen.

Bowyer was having none of it. He has inserted in his contract a clause that gives him final authorization on transfers. Good for you Bow.

Gallen is still in discussions with the EFL in allowing us to sign Conor Washington and Alex Gilbey.

What a mess, and what a litany of north-west England thieves and chancers we have somehow inherited. As laid back and street smart Bowyer is, how long he puts up with all of this is anybodies guess.

Of course in what position Farnell and Elliott are allowed to make any decisions is a mystery. Not sanctioned in anyway by the EFL. Not owners of ESI according to Companies House, and not one good intention between them or a penny.

We have to get these two muppets and their wannabe mates out of our club. They could still do significant damage in these 14 days that have been allowed to appeal the EFL decision. Matt Southall has been working with fans to remove them and then bring Nimer to the table.

Meanwhile Roland Duchatelet who has no club ownership jurisdiction looks to have been engaged by the EFL in this mess. He is pivotal in allowing the club and the property assets to be sold to Peter Varney and Andrew Barclay.

We have to keep taking the fight. Don’t get despondent. These lowlifes got involved with the wrong club.

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  1. Norfolk Red #

    How much more can Charlton’s previously excellent reputation withstand? Not content with destroying the club and airing in public across social media its unsavory fallouts between ‘owner’s’, now it seems, even for them, they want to plunge the club further into embarrassment by appointing an alleged kiddy fiddler in Dave Jones.  Jones may have been exonerated from the child abuse charge following the collapse of the case in 2000 after 4 days but the Judge in the case was still moved to say “there is no smoke without fire”.  Even if Jones’ murky past is ignored, his track record in football as a manager is none too impressive either. Sky Pundit, Jeff Stelling, had the good sense to publicly call for Jones to be sacked after Hartlepool Utd plunged into the relegation zone after a run of extremely bad results. Clearly Farnell and Elliot don’t recognise their good fortune in having such a talented team in Gallen, Bowyer, Jackson & Co already in situ. For a club that doesn’t appear to have a pot to piss in it seems to want to add another totally unnecessary wage by appointing an inferior has-been. I wish these criminal owners and their shady contacts would all f*** off and let the job of restoring the club’s pride and reputation commence ASAP. How Farnell has not been struck off as a lawyer is a bigger mystery than Jones managing to beat the child abuse wrap. Presumably Jones became prime candidate for the role at Charlton after it was realised that first choice candidate, Barry Bennell, was otherwise engaged?

    August 9, 2020
    • Some great points there Norfolk. Of course Jones’ alleged criminal history has nothing to do with his morals as a football ‘consultant.’ They stand alone on their own as knavish.

      August 10, 2020
  2. confidentialrick #

    This is turning into a mystery worthy of Poirot ! Here are three potential reasons the chancers are adding Jones into the mix:

    1/ Once in control they “the Club” can pay him an astronomical salary and take large back-handers.

    2/ Revenge – somewhere along the line Gallen or Bow said something that offended the chancers and they know this move will undermine them so they have to leave.

    3/ Dr Evil a.k.a.Roland D has been involved behind the scenes, is in the play and sees this as a way to further collapse the club into administration so he can sell the real estate.

    I’d opt for option 1.

    August 9, 2020
  3. John Pellett #

    Or 4/ They want him in to sell players rather than buy them. Something Bow and Gallen are rightly reluctant to do.

    August 10, 2020
    • Question is John. Do ESI v2 hold the player’s registrations? Because them selling Phillips, Bonne and Doughty in the next 12 or so days could happen. Then where does that cash go?

      August 10, 2020
  4. Jones’ role at Hartlepool United is worth scrutinizing. Jeff Sterling had to get involved to end that disaster.

    August 10, 2020
  5. LP #

    Well, well CA. Southall working with fans eh? The enemy of my enemy is my friend??
    Not sure who said that but here’s one from Shakespeare – ‘Let’s kill all the laywers’. And for good measure a quote from my favourite film ‘You absolute horror of a human being’. Please use these liberally for the cast of absolute scum that has taken over our club.

    And finally from The Boss from Death to my Hometown

    Send the robber barons straight to hell
    The greedy thieves who came around
    And ate the flesh of everything they found
    Whose crimes have gone unpunished now
    Who walk the streets as free men now

    Ah, they brought death to our hometown, boys

    August 10, 2020
    • Ah Brucie.

      August 10, 2020
    • Norfolk Red #


      If my son was about to sign schoolboy terms with a club, l wouldn’t want him anywhere near someone so closely associated with child abuse allegations, either convicted or not. Our club has become a haven for scumbags. Jones’ consultancy role – emphasis on the con! – that coincided with the demise of Bury FC and the prospect of doing all over again with Charlton is like groundhog day. The purpose of Jones’ appointment would be to undermine Bowyer and Gallen and force them out. Bows has already said he wants stability and to be left to get on with the job. Jones would be a deliberate spanner in the works. Bottom line is Bows is too ambitious for owners who only want to asset strip.

      August 10, 2020

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