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And that’s the thanks

“Charlton supporters have been crucial this season and have played a huge role in helping Lee Bowyer’s team to secure some vital – and often dramatic – points..” (more)

So what do the club do? They put the season ticket prices up.

“Some areas of The Valley have seen price increases for 2019/20 due to a number of reasons, which include increases in inflation and minimum wage.”

Looking more closely at the detail it looks as if all “areas” have seen price increases of up to 5%. The prices will go up again on May 6th, before the play-off semi-finals!

Now everyone has their own personal circumstances and reasons, but I don’t see why anyone would buy a season ticket at increased prices without knowing our fate, and with the old bastard still in charge.

Duchatelet doesn’t pay staff bonuses, or even staff the London minimum wage, which is a joke that they use that as an excuse. How much money has been wasted in the half-arsed process to seek us? What about the a lumpy rate of interest he’s adding to the debt that’s owed to him which is all from his incompetence?

Sparrows Lane redevelopment lays there untouched. There’s no executive management, there’s still no contract offer of any realistic substance for Bowyer, Jackson and Marshall. He sold our top goal scorer and stuck the money in his pocket, the majority of the squad are out of contract in the summer and we are faced with the real prospect of a fourth consecutive season of Division 3 football for the first time in our history.

Thanks for nothing Roland.

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  1. MIKE WEST #

    While not disagreeing with any of this it is easy to overlook that Roland is still picking up the tab for a £10m loss last year so price increases are hardly surprising

    April 12, 2019
  2. LP #

    Then he simply needs to sell doesn’t he. It isn’t rocket science for such a successful businessman. Zero sympathy for the old bastard.

    April 12, 2019
  3. Mark #

    IF he expects me to pay extra to attend home matches to cover the cost of his own gross incompetence and ongoing attempts to run this once proud club into the ground then he go and **** himself! My self-imposed exile from putting any money into his grubby little mitts by attending home games will continue…. I apologise to the players and management team for not adding my voice at home matches to the diminishing attendance but I’m sure that they understand why I, and thousands of others like me, are taking our stand.

    I will continue to attend away matches when I can and look forward to visiting the ‘new’ Wembley for the first time as the ‘in-form’ team of the division reach the play-off final ……. that is if Wonder-Bow and his merry band of fighters hasn’t nicked 2nd place in the table by then!!

    Duchatalet, please do all of us a favour and just sell the club to someone who cares about it – either that or just die, please….!!

    April 12, 2019
  4. john west #

    Mark, Exactly my thoughts but stating this he will leave the club to his Wife and sons and daughters. Just thought!!!

    April 12, 2019
  5. SLCAddick #

    Such a pity we are only playing one of the top four above us as we hit form.

    April 13, 2019

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