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Productive meeting

The Charlton Athletic Supporters Trust (CAST) had what they said was a productive meeting with the EFL on Wednesday night. CEO of the EFL Shaun Harvey (photo) plus John Nagle, who has the title Head of Policy and PR head Mark Rowan met the Trust board, and the key points are here.

Harvey admitted that he had met with Roland Duchatelet in Brussels, and plans to meet CAFC staff, who have spoken out about not getting paid their bonuses and with CARD.

Rich Cawley had been tracking down some feedback from the EFL on that meeting in Brussels, but the EFL have said they will make no comment. Meanwhile Harvey said that RD has significant intent to sell, and continues to work with the Australian group. The ball remains in the Aussies court as for the EFL, and the rest of us, wait for them to provide the make-up of their consortium and the source and sufficiency of the finances required to complete the sale and to fund future trading.

Duchatelet moaned to the Trust that miscommunications and protests were not assisting in the sale of the club. All our fault of course. However the old bugger advised Harvey that he continues to receive approaches from prospective buyers.

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