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Only at Charlton – Bow signs

And now we got Lee Bowyer, we’re f’kin dynamite.

Glorious news. “Charlton Athletic are delighted to confirm that Addicks’ boss Lee Bowyer has agreed a contract extension with the club.” (more)

What a difference a day makes, or really an evening. Lee Bowyer and Duchatelet agreeing to a deal last night just hours after the owner once again went into one of his mental rants airing the clubs dirty laundry in public.

In the fact the two stories sit side by side on the official website. It really is bonkers.

Bowyer has penned a one-year extension, and although I don’t see it mentioned anywhere one would hope that Bowyer, Jacko and Andy Marshall all come as a package.

How uniquely weird that the demented fool praised “Lee for his professionalism” and then decreed that “stability is essential.” whilst choking on a glass of St John’s Wort.

Nurse, now please put the loon back into his room.

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  1. Mark #

    No, Nurse, please don’t put him back in his room. Please take him round to the nearest vet and do the kindly thing and put him out of his misery as clearly he has totally lost the plot and it is always the kindest action to put an old dog like him down.

    Please, please, please put him (and us!) out of his misery……..

    June 18, 2019

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