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Bowyer contract talks continue next week

I’ve hardly removed my Charlton pants for washing and already Twitter is alive with rumours of who’s joining and leaving. As Bow said success breeds teams trying to steal your players and manager. I’m paraphrasing of course, but if the Belgium twit doesn’t get his finger out then I going to go over there and daub his building with my sharpie myself.

The internet is suggesting all sorts of clubs that want to talk to Bowyer, but according to the Rat and the more reliable source of Rich Cawley, Bow will continue his discussions with the owner over a new contract next week.

Johnnie Jackson and Andy Marshall are also out of contract this month, but the management team with Steve Gallen leading the charge continue to assess potential new signings. If, and please when, the management team sign new deals they can turn to re-building the squad. We literally have eleven players signed to current contracts. Bow did stop to say that Lyle Taylor will be offered improved terms. He deserves it, and there is much goodwill there. Jonny Williams has also stated that he’d like to stay at The Valley, but I suspect for him and many others it will be a waiting game.

Rumours of renewed takeover offers continue to be whispered, but the largest obstacle remains Duchatelet himself, who today took to his laptop and wrote us another story on the OS. In short we have no money, selling the club is so difficult, lots of other people get blamed, and he calls for stability, which the mad fool has never ever offered.

More pointedly one sentence jumps out of the page: “There is a trigger in his contract for a contract extension, which we exercised in May, and he needs to agree to this for his contract to be extended as per the current agreement.” Then Duchatelet goes onto say “therefore talks about improving Lee’s contract are scheduled for next week.” Nonsensical nonsense as always.

But it’s okay because “in the meantime owner and fans are stuck together.”

I may just keep my Charlton pants on and look back and not forward.

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