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Aaron Henry signs new 2-year contract

19-year old Aaron Henry is the first of the three offered a new contract to take the club up on their proposal. Henry has signed a new two-year deal. The club has a further year option.

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Where there’s Carlisle there’s a chance

Congratulations to the Cumbrians. I watched both the L2 semi-finals and their win on penalties and they were deservedly promoted back to L1 after an 8 year absence.

Carlisle United away at the end of April please FL fixture computer!

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25 years

25 years ago today. That was some day.

There were 12 of us, friends and family, at the old Wembley, ablaze with noise and emotion unlike the time we were there for the Full Members final. The game itself seemed to last for days. and we went spinning through a tornado of every emotion possible.

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Pearcey promoted

I warm to Jason Pearce. He played the game like everyone was his last and led by example. Pearce was handed an early chance to coach under Steve Avory in the academy and then took the full reigns of the U18’s. He obviously has made a good impression both on and off the field, and after just a year in a coaching role has been further recognized with a promotion to be the Senior Professional Development Phase (PDP) Lead Coach.

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Storrie’s promise

“With all the parties we’ve been speaking to, we’ve had exactly the same message that we need to get this club into the top six next season. Therefore, the budget has been increased on the players side and the targets are there. Dean and I, along with Steve Gallen, are working hard towards putting those together and it doesn’t matter what happens on the ownership side; this is the way is club going forward and fans should be well aware of that. Obviously for legal reasons we can’t name the players we’re looking to sign before July 1st, but we’re well advanced in the squad that we’re putting together with the simple aim of making sure that this club is, at the very minimum, challenging for the top six next season.” Peter Storrie.

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Danny Senda appointed assistant manager

This news didn’t get a lot of attention today with most of the Addicks’ atmosphere being taken up by the takeover – who said ‘wouldn’t it be great if we can just get back to concentrating on the football and talk about football stuff’?

Danny Senda has stepped up from the U21’s to being joint assistant manager to Dean Holden with Anthony Hayes.

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The end for Thomas Sandgaard closes in

I have been closing my eyes and hoping for the best in relation to the takeover. Dave has been far more on top of it, but it sounds as if we are very close to a set of new owners after Rich Cawley announced this afternoon that Joshua Friedman and Thomas Sandgaard have agreed to a price and signed a SPA (Sale and Purchase Agreement).

The price is reported to be £12m, but Cawley also mentions that Sandgaard is continuing his talks with other parties, which appears very irregular, but that just about sums Sandgaard up as he seeks I am sure a last minute better offer.

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A sense of possibilities

The 2nd legs of the play-off semi-final’s begin tonight and with Sunderland, Luton and Coventry being in the mix for a Premiership place, they each offer a glimmer of hope to us disconsolate Addicks.

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Inniss, Morgan, Clare to leave

Charlton have announced their retained list for the next season.

The club have started negotiations with new contract offers to Michael Hector, Aaron Henry and Terell Thomas.

Ryan Inniss, Albie Morgan, Sean Clare, Alex Gilbey, Macauley Bonne and Nathan Harness will all leave after the expiration of their contracts.

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Cheltenham Town 2 Charlton Athletic 2

From Accrington to Cheltenham. July to May. The rarely good, the often bad, and the pretty ugly season has come to an end much to all of our relief.

It wasn’t a bad game in all honesty, but for the umpteenth time we couldn’t finish a lesser side off, and defensive frailty made three points one. Much like Accrington last July.

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Bermuda Addicks

There was a meeting of Bermuda Addicks on Thursday night. We had a couple missing, but there was five of us including an interloper, a Frenchman from Bordeaux currently undergoing some Charlton Athletic induction courses.

We brushed off all the depressing thoughts of actually being a Charlton fan, albeit from this idyllic isle, by drinking plenty of cobra and eating copious amount of Indian food.

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King Charles III

Phew. That was quite the show, and to think they skinnied it down. I bet the queue for the Abbey’s loos goes right around the block.

I thought Charles could have cracked the odd smile and after 70 years of practicing you’d think he would know his words off by heart. The prompt cards were a little unnecessary, but again we do know how to pull off a bit of pomp and ceremony. No one does it better or with more grandeur.

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Champions of London

Ring it up.

London Senior Cup Champions, Carabao Cup champions of London and the highest placed London team in the league (*third tier). We are great.

In all seriousness it was a wonderful achievement by the U21’s to win the London Senior Cup beating Haringey Borough 5-3 last night in extra-time. Those in attendance called it one of the games of the season, and Danny Senda adds another string to his burgeoning bow as do the string of exciting young academy players we are very fortunate to have.

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Bare minimum Mondays

Have you heard about this? Apparently TikTokers are championing the doing the ‘bare minimum Mondays.’ To do no more than is necessary. I love the youth of today. What they lose in passion and get up and go, they gain in ingenuity.

So, I took them up on the behavioural self-care, can’t be bothered trend and booked yesterday off.

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Jes Rak-Sakyi wins POTY

Let’s be honest the best, most consistent, game-changing player won the Addicks’ Player of the Year last night.

The Palace lad was a joy to watch and a credit to himself and his parent club. I’ll be content if those lot from Croydon lend us their next rising star next season.

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