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Oh look. A new pronouncement from our leader.

The old bugger escaped from his ward again this afternoon and managed to crank open the charge nurse’s typewriter.

No…. not a well done message to Lee Bowyer for our very encouraging start, or to the noisy Addicks in the big crowd on Saturday. Or to explain how he supported the manager in the transfer window, even though it meant selling another Premier League star of the future. Not even a pat on his own back by telling the story of turning down Brentford’s seven offers for Lyle Taylor.

Nope, just another arbitrary rant at CARD and Rick Everitt in particular. I like the way he then links to his own bio, which is about twenty times longer than Lee Bowyer’s on the OS. Then there’s a link to a timeline which basically blames everyone yet himself, but particularly the pied piper of Ramsgate, Rick Everitt.

The old loon has been dying to get back on that typewriter hasn’t he. Ever since CARD issued their latest statement a couple of weeks back.

He can’t help himself. Yet, how easy would it be for him just to explain to us how he dealt with a frantic transfer deadline, explain how he supported Gallen and Bowyer, or lay out the reasons why he blocked them on deals. I’m a bit cynical on the Ivan Toney bid, but how refreshing is Peterborough’s owner Darragh MacAnthony with the way he deals with Posh’s fans, and those of other clubs.

My apologies to Mr MacAnthony for mentioning him in the same breath as Roland Duchatelet.

Meanwhile the club still wait on the ratification or denial of the Tomer Hemed move. He has been given a squad number by Brighton but the Seagulls are in complete support of the move, which would be permanent on a one-year contract.

Also as Bowyer said last week he plans to add a free-agent right back to support Chris Solly and Tyrone Mears is currently on trial with the Addicks. Mears spent his entire career in the top two divisions, but had three seasons in the MLS, before being at West Brom last season. Mears is 36.

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  1. Yes it is quite disappointing, I, like a few others thought that just maybe his stance was softening, just maybe his head was turning just a bit, but unfortunately instead of the normal 90 degrees it’s possible he might have gone for the whole 360 again, in general though football supporters have to be optomistic, and My heart goes out to those tragic supporters of Premier league clubs whose owners spend less than £100M in a transfer window, and even when Carlos Degrerrazionchowkoskimartinezdosantonyuandevicehoven (carlo for short) doesn’t sign because the owner is willing to pay him £350K a day (net) and then the deal falls through because they won’t sign his brother Eddy, and although nobody had previously heard of them, the mentality of “he must be good he wants £350K a day”, and then there is Bury and Bolton, the fact is I don’t see him going anytime soon, which is good news because as my wife will tell you I’m usually wrong, so hope springs eternal.
    As for Lyle Taylor I actually have some sympathy for his head turning, we got him for nothing, in return he got us up to the Championship, old money bags won’t pay him what he deserves, he should see out his contract keep us in this league, gives us a year to prize away another lower league star striker, and then get the best deal he can, which might even be a newly promoted Prem Club, at 29 who can blame him for seeking financial security in the last five or six years of his career, big thankyou Lyle, but don’t forget what my wife says, have to say though, even she can turn her head 180 degrees in one direction.

    August 14, 2019

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