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Bowyer made permanent

Roland Duchatelet did the right thing today and made Lee Bowyer permanent first-team manager. Well deserved Lee.

The statement says a few things, possibly. There is a chance that the EFL told RD the club needs some stability and a permanent manager would be a start, but on recent history I’d be surprised that the EFL would be that demanding. It may tell us that the Aussie bid is dead, or not. It is only a 9 month contract after all, and I don’t think the two things are related. Finally it appears Richard Murray still has a tongue.

Five and a half months as caretaker, Bowyer absolutely deserves the chance to lead us this season, with Jacko by his side. The black clouds are still very much dark above us, and a thunderstorm is always likely. However Lee, Jacko and Steve Gallen have worked exceptionally hard to bring the odd ray of sunshine and we have to get behind that, but never give up the fight to find a cure for the cancer.

Stability is good, and will further help bond the players and gives them further incentive to be successful, especially those that have just joined.

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