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Tahnoon Nimer to buy Dinamo

There were unproven noises that HE Tahnoon Nimer had invested in Romanian top flight side Dinamo Bucharest in January. Yesterday whilst the Addicks were getting dragged into the bottom three of The Championship, Nimer was pictured outside of Dinamo’s Stadionul Dinamo looking quite pleased with himself. Local media suggest that his takeover of the 18-times Romanian champions is imminent.

This all adds to the confusion and debate to Nimer’s financial involvement in Charlton, or indeed the Abu Dhabi Business Development (ADBD). It appears it is ADBD, the private office of Sheikh Saeed bin Tahnou of which Nimer is chairman that are behind the pursuit of buying into Dinamo.

This raises more questions over ESI’s wealth or intentions. Still they don’t own The Valley or Sparrows Lane, and despite Matt Southall’s chest thumping in the media the January transfer window has proven suicidal and not a saviour. The foundations of better days are looking paper thin with a growing question mark looming over it.

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  1. Perhaps Dianamo will be the new mother ship like Standard Liege.

    March 8, 2020
  2. rierti #

    ESI have not lived up to the hype they generated at the time of the takeover and may prove lacking in ambition and turn out to be as poor owners as RD. Was CAFC a Xmas present for TN that has turned sour.

    March 8, 2020
  3. malvernworldtravel #

    Thought he had bought Dynamo the Magician to work his magic spells for a minute. If we can just get back to those winning ways of the first games of the season, then we have hope

    March 8, 2020
  4. houndal #

    And if my auntie had balls she would be my uncle.
    No hope and bob Hope – and Bob’s just left the building.

    March 8, 2020
  5. Steve #

    Are we being taken for a ride?
    It was always going to be easy to look good in the immediate aftermath of RD and never going to be easy to resurrect the club in a sustainable manner after years of mismanagement but it’s the BS that gets me. Misplaced enthusiasm or a cyclical attempt to drive up match day revenues? My mind keeps going back to the car tweet and Matt, yeah, who would’ve guessed you’d go and sign a bunch of lightweight midfield benchwarmers and overlook the glaringly obvious desperately needed defensive requirements. Millwall are where they are because they can keep a clean sheet, we can’t keep from schoolboy errors – SW, Huddersfield and now Middlesborough – shockers.
    Worse still, Bow looks disconsolate and, sorry to say, out of ideas, sold a pup buy the guy who rose to his feet to acknowledge his name from the covered end – cringeworthy.
    Still to early to say we’re doomed but with hope seemingly the only strategy the portents don’t look good

    March 9, 2020
  6. confidential rick #

    The new “owners” must surely have the cash to make things happen. They’ve chosen not to.. what else is there to say..

    March 9, 2020
  7. LP #

    Hi CA – I too stopped looking at social media after the Huddersfield game as I just can’t bear it. But got suckered into your blog again today alerted by a friend. What a dreadful start to the day. What with Saturday, this bloody virus nonsense and now this – its all too much. I am simply going to self isolate until June.

    March 9, 2020
  8. Steve #

    So it’s official then – properly taken for a ride
    Cue CATN

    March 9, 2020
    • Or CAMS 🤷‍♂️

      March 10, 2020
      • Steve #

        Better CAMS eh as we want to be left with the guy with the $$$$
        Not great when played out on SM best the lawyers crack on and it could be a blessing in disguise in releasing potential of esi coz something sure didn’t feel right did it and, hopefully, galvanising us all, fans, players, mgmt team for the big push ???

        March 10, 2020
  9. Richard #

    And now we know

    March 9, 2020

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