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The communication machine is well and truly in motion among Roland Duchatelet’s power cracker management elite. Not quite a trans-channel telegraph but a text message, sent to Lee Bowyer last night telling him that he will probably get an offer of some kind from the owner next week.

Outwardly at least, Bowyer looks as if not much bothers him and rightly is putting results and performances over and above waiting for a text message “from someone who works for the owner.” Bowyer also reminds those concerned that Johnnie Jackson and Andy Marshall and he come as a team. All three of those gentlemen’s work will not have gone unnoticed by others.

Team, communication, unity…. things that Roland Duchatelet does not understand part 44,752.

Onto the injury front then, which is looking slightly better at the moment. Krystian Bielik’s ankle is not as bad as first feared, but will miss Saturday. I hope we don’t rush him back too quickly, although Bowyer is less likely to do that than Karl Robinson ever was.

Jonny Williams will be in the squad for Saturday, Jake Forster-Caskey is back non-contact training with his team mates, Albie Morgan is still away from 1st team action, but no mention of Lewis Page.

Page has had rubbish luck with injuries, and played only 19 games in two seasons for us. I like the boy though, he reminds me a little of a poor man’s John Humphrey, although I don’t ever remember him being injured.

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