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Let’s hope sense prevails

Roland Duchatelet is many things but sensible is not one adjective that springs to mind.

Some way, some how Lee Bowyer and his management team cobbled together a group of players, improved them, gave them belief and not only got them promoted but also managed to superglue players and fans back together. After many seasons of depressing dislocation, last season culminating with that Sunday three weeks ago, when almost 40,000 Addicks rocked Wembley Stadium, those men gave us memories for a lifetime.

With that play-off win still very fresh, the next week is vital for the ongoing revitalization of our football club. Whether it’s with or without Duchatelet, who never at anytime has showed any foresight or an ounce of a plan.

However, with him now in charge of negotiations with Bowyer, he simply needs to do the right thing. Reward him and his team with new and improved contracts, and give them at least a foundation to build a team capable to competing and surviving in a league we were in before you showed up with your crackpot ideas and not a modicum of any respect of the club’s history or it’s meaning to many, many people.

While you slunked away in Belgium, quoting wildly exaggerated prices at potential buyers, others in the spotlight worked their arses off to somehow drag our football club back from the abyss.

This week Roland you have one job. One job.

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  1. Patrick Jones #

    As you say just one job; I hope and pray he gets something right for a change!

    June 16, 2019
  2. rierti #

    Giving LB and other management staff improved contracts is paramount. Although Aribo and Bauer will probably leave Bowyer with his position confirmed may be able to persuade them to stay. Gallen has proved adept at identifying players suitable for the squad particularly loan players and has helped CAFC build strong links with Premiership clubs like Arsenal ,Chelsea and West Ham. This next week is critical for the coming season as new recruits need to be confirmed. Gallen’s comments on recruitment seem to agree with my previous comment that 3 additional strikers are needed for the squad, How do you do that on a very limited budget?

    June 16, 2019
    • rierti – I don’t know, but SG and LB need to attempt to pull a few more rabbits out of the hat.

      The other issue of course is salaries. In League One players may have taken a gamble on us and got less compensated because we were a big fish. That’s not the case now and even what I would call average Championship clubs will wave more money around. That is another challenge.

      I still think we will be shopping mostly in League One trying to fish out players that can step up.

      Hopefully added to that SG can do his magic with the loans

      June 16, 2019

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