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Our very own TV series

Another week. Another week of isolation, and another week of Tahnoon Nimer keeping his hands firmly in his pocket.

Staff got paid at Charlton this week, thankfully, but that money again came out of the current account leftover from the days of Duchatelet and whatever funds have been given to the club by the EFL.

The players have deferred their salaries by 25% to help the continual financing of the club, and non-playing staff were furloughed. Although those operating the website and social media platforms carry on working in earnest. That your Excellency, an oxymoron if ever I saw one, is what you call commitment and responsibility.

CAST got some more answers from current mouthpiece Marian Mihail, who admitted that no money has been put in.

He has passed the EFL’s Owners and Directors’ Test (ODT) but his buddy Claudiu Florica has not. This despite his MSC from The Polytechnical University of Bucharest. That particular achievement is hard to find on Google.

Other actors in our own Shakespearean Tragedy – Shane McHugh, Chris Farnell, Jacco Van Seventer, John Hirst, Matt Southall and Lee Amiss also get a role in this weeks episode.

God, I hope this series has a happy ending.

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