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ESI training ground plans

Released on Charlton Life by permission from ESI. Link to drawings and plans here.

These plans originated in the Duchatelet era but despite plenty of promising words feet were dragged, plans were changed and an infamous trench were dug, but the Sparrows Lane redevelopment became mothballed.

Classrooms, a medical suite, hydro pools, gym, changing areas, cafeteria and an indoor full size pitch are included. The major difference with ESI’s plan is that the main academy building will be three story and not two and will include resting rooms. I’m less sure in what they have in store for the Community Trust and the memorial garden. Both hopefully will be included.

A closer look will show that the architect has done similar work with Wolves. Construction will start in the summer and take between 18-24 months and is a huge step in the right direction of securing Category 1 academy status.

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  1. Anything via Charlton Life. Charlton Pass and Live teams I totally discount and they all condone live & vicious personal attacks and not one sincere apology

    January 28, 2020

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