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Wtf {…}

Another message from Roland Duchatelet.

“I would also like to pass on my congratulations Norwich City and to Chris Wilder and Sheffield United on their respective promotions to the Premier League.”

Honestly, how does the old fart’s brain work? Not one mention of Lee Bowyer in his latest OS missive, but clearly wants to remind us that he almost nearly signed up Chris Wilder as our manager. No mention of the fact that Wilder told Duchatelet to stick it and he then went and hired Russell Slade instead.

And that worked out well.

The statement is totally unnecessary and just stirs up more bad feeling when this should be a week of excitement and expectation. Anyway Rat face where are you with our current management team’s new contracts?

By the way, great work from the person that affixed the blue plaque (photo) to outside The Valley Saturday. Soft Terrorism at its best.

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  1. Shadow Play #

    Good old Roland, total buzz kill. You’d have thought that he’d use the opportunity to publicly congratulate Bow and the team…

    May 6, 2019

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