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Well, well. Thank you Simon Jordan

Whoever it was that sprayed naughties on the wall of Roland Duchatelet’s property in Stayen, Belgium rattled the old codger. Not for the first time Roland reacted instantly and called into Jim White’s TalkSport programme yesterday and once again came across as a complete buffoon. I will repeat myself for the thousandth time. How this idiot made any money from business is a complete mystery.

As the internet reacted, Duchatelet’s nonsense was not surprising, but what was surprising is who we had in our corner. Ex-Palace owner Simon Jordan was co-presenting the TalkSport show and he laid into Duchatelet as he bumbled on about a single protest damaging the Australian takeover, blaming the club’s media team, foreign owners, how we are only worth 2% of his time and saying he will now give the club away for free.

Listen to the full transcript here.

Read the interview on VOTV here.

Listen or read the TalkSport interview, if you haven’t done so already, and make your own mind up, but Duchatelet is a danger to himself, and it has truly come to something when you find yourself siding with Simon Jordan, but this is the place that Roland Duchatelet has brought us.

Thanks to Jordan for attacking Duchatelet and not cowing down to his self-indulgent crap.

Many Addicks praised Jordan speaking out on not just Addicks’ behalf, but the soul of football fans generally, and he ended last night with this tweet.

He looks to be also right about Richard Murray.

Meanwhile there is a Fan’s Forum tonight when traditionally more bullshit ensues.

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  1. Paul Mace #

    Celebrating Palace religion goes down to rivalry and the fact we had to spend 7 yrs at Sellout Park.
    When we left they stole John Humphrey from us at a low price to cover a debt.
    It was not a hatred of Simon Jordan who seems a straight and decent person. Unlike some others.

    February 27, 2019
  2. LP #

    If I had realised 2 years ago that his reaction to some graffiti would be to say he would sell the club for free I would have done it myself.
    And yes, thank you Simon Jordan.

    February 28, 2019

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