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Sandgaard laughs off Bassini threats

That man of the people Laurence Bassini has threatened to wind Charlton Athletic up unless he is paid the £1.7m he thinks he is owed by the football club after he ‘helped’ bring in ESI to rescue the club from Roland Duchâtelet.

In between Range Rover’s and bitches the scumbag that is Matt Southall promised to pay Bassini the fee before he and his cronies were dragged out of The Valley literally. The excellent Charlton Dossier covers Bassini here. Rochdale’s fans are currently doing battle with Southall, who hangs around like the proverbial dog poo on a shoe.

This is Thomas Sandgaard’s retort:

As well as barrister and Addick Lauren Kreamer:

Thomas’ football ownership naivety can be exposed quite often, but the way he has handled the cast of crooks that leached themselves to the club before is quite admirable.

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