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Basically all our fault then


Roland Duchatelet’s interview today with Jim White on talkSPORT started rather sedentary, but by the end of it will have had the vast majority of Charlton fan’s blood boiling.

The man is an out and liar and a grade one delusional fool. If you haven’t listened then click the link but make sure the cat is outside and you are close to a strong drink.

Charlton fans, CARD and in particular Rick Everitt are blamed for almost everything from the decision of Chris Wilder to fail to show up after he apparently signed a contract, to relegating the team, to not finding a buyer, to hounding out managers and the holocaust..

It would be interesting to get Chris Wilder’s side of that particular story. I think it is common knowledge within the game that Wilder courted an approach from Sheffield United and ditched Charlton for personal reasons, but also because we were a basket case and the Blades a club on the up. If he had signed a contract in Belgium, then where is the proof of that?

Duchatelet criticizes all manner of club staff, except Ms Meire of course, who is an angelic superstar. The communications team get absolutely slated. Moving blame away from senior management to those that attempt to bundle and deliver in the best light the shambolic way the club has been run from top to bottom for almost 5 years is damn right contemptuous. Kudos again to Mel Baroni who told him to stick it after 6 weeks.

The scum bag then belittles Addicks staff’s claims to bonuses, lies again about the Powell days and spouts regurgitated stuff about players, managers and throwing rubber toys on the pitch being the main reason we are so shit.

The interview descends into farce as RD repeats over and over that he only spends 2% of his time dealing with his multi-million pound losing investment. Oh how I wish Jim White had asked him who we were playing the day he interviewed him..

Nevertheless Jim White does a good job of repeating the ‘just sell the club’ theme, but the fact he hasn’t according to Duchatelet is mostly our fault with no mention of the ludicrous price he is demanding for the pile of tangled mess and destruction he has brought to a once proud and well supported club.

What Duchatelet has done to our club is criminal. The man is a compulsive liar. My skin curls every time I hear him speak. I will repeat what I have said for years – how he was ever successful in business is absolutely beyond me.

In response a CARD statement is here.

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  1. Red Emption #

    On the very rare occasions when RD does travel to the Valley, does anyone know if his preferred mode of transport is Eurostar or a helicopter? Just wondered.

    October 31, 2018
  2. LP #

    Don’t be silly – he walks across the channel. I’m not listening to him CA – it will just make me cry.Why even bother responding – but I’m glad someone has the energy to do so.

    October 31, 2018

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