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Sandgaard appoints Peter Storrie as CEO

That wily old fox Thomas Sandgaard has been saying for years how he has NO need to appoint someone to provide senior leadership at The Valley, and manage the day to day running of the business. You know it’s not important to have someone experienced and knowledgeable to fill this role.

Hang on everyone. Thomas’ lips moved.

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Another murky day of mystery, intrigue and disruption at Charlton.

It appears club staff have been told of the appointment of Peter Storrie as the new CEO. Storrie had a less than storied career at West Ham, Southend, Notts County and Portsmouth.

Once arrested for corruption alongside Harry Redknapp, and later cleared, he was also exculpated of tax invasion due to the sale of Addicks’ legend Amdy Faye. He took Pompey into administration and left citing personal abuse from supporters who blamed him for the club’s demise.

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Methven deal off

Thomas Sandgaard said today that the sale of the football club to Charlie Methven and his consortium is off.

Sandgaard’s reasoning is that there were “some very specific terms that were very clear at the end of January and coming into February that they didn’t comply with.”

Methven’s group say that a price was always agreed at £8.5million for a 90 per cent stake in the football club and that a deposit (£850,000) was paid and banks funded. It is not thought that the EFL had yet given it’s approval.

In a nest of liars, who to believe?

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More lies and BS. But, what now?

I was considering what my final thoughts were on the January transfer window following on from the speedy but worthy comments from Albury and Drinking.

It is noticeable that every player we released went to clubs below us, O’Connell to Wrexham being the oddity. They were replaced by players that have played at a higher level, ignoring whether they are anywhere near fit to play.

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Happy New Year

As I sit here drinking coffee at my kitchen counter in Sarasota tired from overdoing it on New Year’s Eve Eve, I am pretty pleased to put 2022 in the books.

Normality returned to life as we knew it in 2022 after two pandemic impacted years allowing us to remember again how to do the simple things we took for granted.

I often had to remind those around me, and myself that in times of hassle and intensity, that it was these moments that we’d missed. I love being busy and slightly living on the edge of unorganized and spontaneous, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Methven and Sandgaard

Charlie Methven was seen at last night’s game at Oxford, probably wearing one of those half and half scarves.

This after it came to light yesterday thanks to investigative work by Rick and Dave, that Methven and his ‘group’ have signed a deal to purchase the club, not the real estate assets, from Thomas Sandgaard.

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What do we know?

Not for the first time, the festive season has us looking out for Charlton Breaking News!

So, what do we know? That something is cooking behind the scenes is without doubt, and it looks as if there are at least two interested parties. The appointments of Messers Rodwell, Scott and Warwick with Methven as a go-between are obviously one party, although it is unclear to where that money has come from because I don’t expect Sandgaard has contributed a cent.

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Another day of intrigue and mystery

Where to begin….

As they say, there is a lot to unpack here.

Charlton owner Thomas Sandgaard today appointed four “experienced professionals in senior roles at the club.” (more)

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Two bald men fighting over a comb

For those Addicks worried about the latest nonsense surrounding the club, there is an excellent article / interview with lawyer and Charlton fan Lauren Kreamer on the CAST website. Read ‘Still not Bovvered’ here.

Let the bald fight over the shampoo and comb I’d say.

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Ged Roddy appointed as Technical Director

Possibly the first long term visionary move the football club have made in a decade. Thomas Sandgaard has hired Ged Roddy as the club’s Technical Director.

Roddy has a very impressive CV, and this role points to future plans and ambitions that Sandgaard has. The Dane has said he will be the only director of the club, which put a little bit of concern in my head bearing in mind where he lives and being CEO of a $80m company and growing.

Yet, the key is to surround yourself with good people, build a trusted and connected team, and establish a plan and a strategy, and keep as close to it as possible.

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Thomas Sandgaard week one

A week ago today.

The dark clouds lifted in SE7, the sky cleared and in walked Thomas Sandgaard. Guitar, sunglasses and all.

It was still the dead of night in Castle Rock, Colorado but a man slept in his bed knowing that the next day he would be the owner of Charlton Athletic Football Club.

It was no dream, Sandgaard had finally closed the deal after getting EFL approval and OADT sign off. With no shortage of help from top law firm Freshfields Druckhaus Deringer, the Dane had navigated the shark infested waters of ESI and claimed ownership of our historic club.

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Sea of Red

What totally unexpected news. I had almost given up believing. Thank your for your perseverance and support Thomas. Together we will get OUR Charlton back.

Welcome to the family Thomas Sandgaard.

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Paul Elliott writes a letter

Don’t rise to the bait of Paul Elliott’s open letter. It’s no better than a Dear Deirdre. No live interview, no paper interview with Rich Cawley just Elliott and Chris Farnell peddling their BS.

“Be in no doubt. Were it not for this investment, and excellent legal support under difficult circumstances, Charlton Athletic would have gone insolvent.”

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Emotional rollercoaster

The peaks and troughs of being a Charlton Athletic fan.

For the umpteenth time we were dragged from a glimpse of a clear blue sky atop a mountain to a muddy and uncertain ditch. All within 24 hours.

It’s hard to keep up with all the shenanigans of the ciphers trying to make a few bob for themselves, but in football parlance we celebrated a goal yesterday before the VAR had been checked, checked again and then triple checked.

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Lockyer gone, but does that make room for Matthews?

Luton Town, once our level, but our level now the same as Crewe Alexander and Accrington Stanley, have signed Tom Lockyer on a free.

Lockyer had a free transfer release clause in his contract if we were relegated. Sterling work again by the Duchatelet brain’s trust.

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