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Who is the real Andrew Muir?

Australian writer John Stensholt recently interviewed Andrew Muir mostly about his healthy food crusade with primary school kids working alongside British chef and all round good bloke Jamie Oliver.

In that interview Stensholt says that Muir was “erroneously” linked with a bid to buy Charlton Athletic. I assume they were Muir’s words not thrown in by The Australian’s sub-editors.

Who an earth are you Andrew and what do you want? And why if I Google your name, you are far more recognized for being seen wearing a Charlton scarf stood in the The Valley’s west stand, than being a man keen to change the way kids eat at school in Australia. Just weird, as Roly would say.

Maybe you have a habit of showing up at prospective investments, chat freely to stakeholders, shake hands, put a momento around your neck, and then forget all about it. Who knows, but good luck with your food passion Andrew.

Way back when, it seems like centuries ago, Muir accepted my invite to ‘befriend’ him on LinkedIn. Possibly because we share the same passion for primary school lunches!! Or possibly because I’m a Charlton fan. Erroneously I am sure.

Muir’s mate Gerard Murphy, if he still acknowledges him as someone he knows, also accepted my invite, and we actually had a small converse. Anyway that also seems like donkeys ago, but since then it seems he needs me more than I need him as he keeps bugging me with email drops on his new venture:

“To develop a program that takes the cultural methodologies that are the foundation of our careers and to implement them within business and sporting teams.”

Sorry. You’ve lost me guys. You show up at my home, want to be friends, promise the world, drink my beer, and then bugger off literally to the other side of the world.

It’s really all school dinners and cultural methodologies to me.

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  1. Nigel Reddick #

    Nice article CA. Made me chuckle. perhaps we are better off without Muir if he is just another liar. thank gawd we have Uncle Roly, as honest as the day is long..

    October 30, 2018

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