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Takeover hits “roadblock”

Relax everyone. You can hit your beds tonight safe in the knowledge that guitar man is still at the Charlton Athletic wheel.

Rich Cawley as always with his finger on the button describing a “roadblock” in the way of Marc Spiegel completing the takeover of the club. Not a bump, or a traffic jam, but a block.

Cawley went on to say that both parties aim to bring the deal to a resolution in the coming days, but that does end Spiegel’s exclusivity period allowing Sandgaard to open up negotiations with other parties.

And so the circle continues.

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  1. Mike #

    Well lets not get too down in the Dumps as if MS took us over we would then have a Rubbish man at the helm to go along with our Rubbish team! Then he would probably change the name to Charlton Dumpsters to fit in with his Rubicon business, before selling us onto a Funeral Directors to see the end out, with our friendly Belgium then selling off the ground and training facilities as CAFC is finally laid to R.I.P. 🙂

    April 29, 2023

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