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More lies and BS. But, what now?

I was considering what my final thoughts were on the January transfer window following on from the speedy but worthy comments from Albury and Drinking.

It is noticeable that every player we released went to clubs below us, O’Connell to Wrexham being the oddity. They were replaced by players that have played at a higher level, ignoring whether they are anywhere near fit to play.

Very importantly Holden has kept intact the team that has mostly been playing since he’s arrival and neither Dobson, Leaburn, Ness or Wollacott were flogged. CBT was a late target for Wigan though.

The constant annoyance however is that once again in the summer for the umpteenth time whoever owns or manages the club will be forced into yet another rebuild. This cycle of short-term planning, or no plan at all, is exhausting.

Those unwanted loaned-out players will be back in the building still on good contracts and I believe AMB, Clare, Claydon, Inniss, Thomas, Hector, Dobson, Morgan, CBT and Bonne will all be out of contract.

Around, and round we go.

As for the window, it is truly astounding that no senior club figure has commented on the window, especially after all the old twaddle we were forced fed before it began.

Holden is another out of contract in the summer, but apparently Technical Director extraordinaire and bullshitter Andy Scott, COO Jim Rodwell and Finance Director Ed Warwick all had contracts that expired yesterday.

So, what is going on there then? The general assumption pieced together by fans and interested journalists is that they were all parachuted in as part of Charlie Methven’s consortium to buy the club, although not the property assets.

Thomas Sandgaard has denied it all of course, but every time his lips move he lies.

Has Methven got the funds and/or EFL approval? Will he be at Saturday’s game paired with his beanie and another washed up ex-football executive? Will we be told?

CAST issued an excellent statement today, which I am fully behind. Have a read if you have not seen it.

What happens next is anyone’s guess.

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  1. AllHellLetLoose #

    You missed out Aaron Henry from those players who will be out of contract

    February 2, 2023
  2. Redden #

    I’m surprised that Dean Holden has not commented on this supposed strengthening of the squad but perhaps he now realises he has been told a lot of lies!

    February 2, 2023
  3. JOHN F GOSS #

    Totally agree with you’re comments

    February 2, 2023
  4. Shadow Play #

    I think we have an option on AMB’s contract for next year – if so it will be actioned.

    As I see it this transfer window was about pruning the deadwood and getting the wage bill down to something sustainable. A lot of the players who left (bar O’Connell) were really squad players who don’t feature in Holden’s plans and were soaking up wages without really contributing anything. If the wage bill (annualised) was over £5.5m then what is it now? Ca £4m or so? Eoghan O’Connell left because we were offered good money for a player who arrived on a free and we have cover at his position.

    Can we say we had value for money from the players who have been traded on? It shows how weak the squad was that these players have gone down the league pyramid, not up it.

    In coming we have four players, two on short-term contracts (Bonne and Hector) plus Kane and Penney on loan who are looking to re-boot their careers and need game time and the opportunity to show what they can do. Then there’s Gavin Kilkenny who could be a Josh Cullen type and offers competition for Albie Morgan.

    We didn’t sell Miles Leaburn or George Dobson who’s out of contract and could well walk away in the summer for nothing. I recall plenty of fan predictions that these two would be traded on…

    I’d have liked a long-term signing or two and we have another rebuilding job in the summer. What players we have left I don’t think will sustain a promotion push. But economically things are probably better.

    February 2, 2023
  5. Chris #

    The silence from TS and the club regarding ins and outs is deafening….also interest from potential buyers!!
    TS has gone to ground, and what is he hiding from the fans ?

    February 2, 2023
  6. What a mess…more so called “executives” riding the gravy train, lining their pockets while the club sinks lower and more and more fans become disillusioned. What did CAFC do in a past life to deserve this ..?

    February 2, 2023
  7. It seems every player in this pantomime has gone to ground……maybe someone ought to go down to the valley to see if the lights are still on and there are still some Range Rovers in the car park !!!!!!!!!

    February 2, 2023
  8. houndal #

    Andy Scott reflects on the window.

    So he is still here, as are Rodwell and Warwick.
    And this from the man who famously told us in December “there are funds available”
    Trying and failing to spin the un-spinable.
    Total bull sh*tter.

    February 2, 2023

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