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Go away and leave us alone

The mocking of our great club continued late today when Matt Southall and odd bedfellow Jonathan Heller removed Chris Farnell, Claudiu Florica, Andrei Mihail, Marian Mihail and Tahnoon Nimer from the ESI board of directors.

Yesterday those two muppets changed the address of the company from Floyd Road to an address in Deansgate, Manchester.

Chris Farrell came out with gun’s blazing and said it was “absolutely unauthorized.” Interesting that the Sky Sports report tonight with Farnell’s quotes was taken down.

Meanwhile Paul Elliott, the biggest stooge since Moe, Curly and Larry, sat at The Valley today with his legs nicely crossed looking like a rabbit in the headlights. It grates on me knowing that seat should have a Charlton fan sat in it.

Why don’t you all just f—-k off and leave us alone. Take your childish one-upmanship games to make a quick buck somewhere else.

Two versions of ESI fighting each other to be able to sell the club that neither owns. ESI owns the club in name only. Duchatelet owns The Valley, Sparrows Lane and is the largest creditor. Addicks’ fans own the soul of the club. The rest of you are nothing but low-life wannabes with less money than I have in my coin jar.

Hello EFL….. anyone at home?

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    You genuinely could not make it up. The lack of regulation from the EFL provides loopholes that devious clowns can utilise for a quick pay day. Yet when the malpractice comes to light the club will be punished. So 3 games to go, we could go down, Or stay up, or go into administration if Roland calls in debts/ ESI 1 or 2 implodes or even change hands once again all in the next 2 weeks.
    4 points would be great, 2 might do it. I don’t want to survive because of Wigan’s 12 point deduction (because we could be in that boat soon) and we need to be secure before we go to Leeds. Defensively we look ok but up front Chuks looks our best bet, everyone else has poor body language and confidence. Shooting practice all week and hope it holds together. Survival at least means if we do hit the skids we can lose 12 points at great start of the season.

    It’s not dull.

    July 12, 2020
  2. Andrew #

    We don’t know where this ownership saga is going to end. Benevolent sugar daddies that subsidise our football exist, but are very hard to find. Anyone reading this please consider joining Charlton Athletic Supporters trust and reading their information about fan ownership.

    (I’m just an ordinary CAFC/CAST fan/member by the way)

    July 12, 2020
  3. Charlton Exile #

    Liking your anger CA. We may need some if that energy in the months ahead if we are to stay in business. Keep writing please, it gives me a little hope. 👍

    July 12, 2020
  4. Shadow Play #

    In case you haven’t seen it Matt Southall was found to have acted illegally in changing the address etc of ESI and has to pay £21,000 in costs.

    A year ago Southall couldn’t find a relatively small sum to pay his legal fees to Chris Farnell and although he paid himself some humongous sums at the club’s expense I wonder how much money he has left? Those legal fees are mounting up…

    July 18, 2020
    • Yeah. Scumbag may struggle with that. Interesting press release states that Paul Elliott or his mystical consortia doesn’t own the club, but Nimer still does. What a mess eh?

      July 19, 2020

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