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Roly says: Get a move on

We had a hunch that the old man would crank open his laptop and compose one of his special emails. His disappointment this time was not directed at Addicks but to another old foe, the EFL. Oh Roly, it would have been so much easier if they’d had bought us when you told them to.

Still, Duchatelet makes a good point. Get the f on with it EFL for Christ sakes. And you just know those fat lads around at EFL Towers will be quaffing cheap wine and sausage rolls and not working during the Christmas period. And Bow, and Steve and Matt and Tahnoon want to get on with it.

And we want final riddance of the Belgian bloke.

I missed the story in The Telegraph the other day that said that the EFL were intrigued to the relationship between Sheikh Mansour and Tahnoon Nilmer, and his boss Sheikh Saeed Tahnoon Al Nahyan, but after the club presented “absolute assurances” they are happy that Tahnoon Nimer has his own line of credit, and there aren’t any issues of dual ownership. All three potential board members have been interviewed by the EFL.

The EFL have obviously been presented with plenty of detail and specifics by our perspective owners, and Duchatelet feels the same way. To be fair it is hard to criticize the EFL with their long overdue deep analysis of football club takeovers. They’ve let any Tom, Dick, Harry, Cash and Roly’s own them in the past.

The EFL responded saying that they hoped to conclude matters “within an appropriate and reasonable timeframe”.

We’ve been acquired two times in January in the past 9 years, and this would be a hat-trick of Mendonca proportions. Let us just hope that is gives the new owners plenty of time to make a positive difference during the vital transfer window.

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  1. Edinburgh Addick #

    I think the interesting thing with any City link will be whether we get any of their kids on loan or as first option, whilst we may be ‘independent’, I would be intrigued to see what that means in terms of loans and who signs who, inter alia, the Red Bull model.

    December 29, 2019

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