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Two days

That is how long the EFL have given Charlton, headed by Nimer Tahnoon, to respond to their investigation of ESI’s takeover of the club in January.

The EFL made the declaration today that they’ve commenced formal investigations to ascertain whether breaches of EFL Regulations and/or other misconduct(s) occurred in relation to the takeover of the club from Roland Duchatelet.

What a mess. ESI bought the club for just a £1 and took on the ongoing liabilities, with an agreement to pay a further £55m to purchase remaining assets including The Valley and Sparrows Lane in the future. ESI said there was a legal obligation do that by June.

Any money there was, was spent by the now ousted Executive Chairman, or whatever Southall called himself, and his cronies, and we still await it seems any sign of investment from Nimer himself.

The EFL never actually approved the takeover by ESI, but Southall jumped the gun with the ruse of cracking the January transfer window. Makes my teeth itch even thinking about that sack of lies. Still, the EFL did pass fit all of the chancers at the time, but have never received the components of the source and sufficiency of the funds to run the club.

Nimer promised funds by the end of April, he also promised Lee Bowyer that the club will be financially secure through the Coronavirus lockdown. There’s huge doubts about Nimer’s individual wealth.

Two days. All Charlton fans want is a club to support when life gets back to some sort of normality.

Yet, in two days we may have a scenario where the club goes into administration, is docked 12 points, relegated, with no owner, and a third party (Duchatelet) owning The Valley and Sparrows Lane. Oh, and 16 players are all currently available to walk out of the door in June, and we have a transfer embargo.

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  1. Just to add new CAFC directors Marian Mihail and Claudiu Florica have yet to pass the EFL’s fit and proper test.

    April 20, 2020
  2. Bob Miller #

    A couple of days to dump or get off the pot, it would seem!

    April 21, 2020
  3. Charltonlanedave #

    A two day deadline suggests they have made their minds up and have a course of action planned from Wednesday.

    April 21, 2020

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