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Methven and Sandgaard

Charlie Methven was seen at last night’s game at Oxford, probably wearing one of those half and half scarves.

This after it came to light yesterday thanks to investigative work by Rick and Dave, that Methven and his ‘group’ have signed a deal to purchase the club, not the real estate assets, from Thomas Sandgaard.

Thomas remember denied even knowing Methven the other day. There is a period of exclusivity where I guess they work on finance, with Singaporean money meant to form the majority of the funds.

Also, according to Rick and other Addick sleuths Sandgaard is attempting to seek capital providers stateside, with offerings as little as $75,000. This to buy 80% of Sandgaard’s stake for £11.3m.

The Methven SE7 Partners group has Andy Scott, Ed Warwick and Jim Rodwell on their bus. Unsure to how much Dean Holden is involved or cognizant of what is going on around him. It is believed that Sandgaard hired the new manager.

What the plans in between now and being traded again like a dirty mag in the playground (I might be showing me age there).. are both unknown and extremely concerning.

Dave also mentions the name Simon Lenagan, who was named in the sales papers alongside Methven, Scott, Rodwell, and Warwick. Lenagan was once a director at Oxford United when his Dad, Ian was the major shareholder and chairman prior to 2016.

Ian Lenagan is a theatre producer, and his son is an actor.

What a soap opera we are.

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  1. Doug Morrison #

    I’ve followed the Addicks for 68 years. Last night they played and I didn’t notice. ManU will slaughter them. Is Dean Holden up to the job? They seem even worse now than under the previous bloke – wotsisname.
    How could they knock Brighton out of the Cup then…… Words fail me. Those who’ve been running the club could not organise an outing to a brewery.
    Doug Morrison

    December 30, 2022
    • Chris #

      They beat Brighton because Holden sat in the stand and little influence.

      December 30, 2022
  2. Chris #

    Not a soap opera CA, more a farce or a pantomime as all the evil characters can be found…we are the mugs who bought a ticket to watch this show.

    December 30, 2022
    • Chris impolite to the opera and everything at CAFC is rotten to the core

      December 30, 2022
  3. PaulS #

    I began watching the Addicks about the time Johnny Summers could perform miracles and we would win 7-6. Supporting Charlton was simple and joyous activity, perhaps helped by rose tinted glasses.
    Nowadays despite or more likely because of the great advances in the structure of football as a business and the technology facilitating the transfer of information it feels more like a anxiety provoking activity than entertainment.
    That’s my grump over. I still live in hope that the good days will return.
    During the 1970s I had the good fortune to be working in the Netherlands and the local team was PSV. I was treated to Total Football at it’s best.
    Thank you CA and all your contributors over the last year for your thoughts. Happy and Prosperous 2023 to addicts all. Paul

    December 30, 2022
  4. houndal #

    Don’t know about Charlie Methven, more like Charlie Chaplin.
    Would not surprise me at all to see Southall/Eliot emerge from the cess pit developing under the club.

    December 30, 2022
    • Chris #

      It’s beginning to sound like the making of a new Harry Potter script !!!

      December 30, 2022
    • Yeap indeed

      December 30, 2022

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