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Ah, the new football season. League One football returning to The Valley. Who’s excited?

The curtain of the World Cup has been drawn and after watching Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann, we have to settle for Nicky Ajose and Naby Sarr. Oh and playing the role of Vladimir Putin is Roland Duchatelet, still owner, all round loon, and cost cutter extraordinaire.

CARD issued a statement yesterday calling for a boycott of The Valley, with renewed protests to follow if the club is still in the hands of Duchatelet by the season kick off at Sunderland on August 4th.

I think possibly by this stage, we are all so numbed by Duchatelet’s actions, the last being I assume Tony Keohane’s plan to charge fans for printing off their own match tickets at home, that CARD’s statement didn’t make a lot of difference. I think fans have settled into varying camps, from stopped going to still going and various positions in between.

I’ve always supported the protests, and although the latest Belgium figure to come into our Charlton life’s Lieven De Turck, talked again about the takeover still being held up with the EFL, stemming probably from the make-up of the new owner group, I feel we should continue to remind the old sod that as long as he remains in control then he will by plan, or by idocrisy, continue to dismantle our community football club.

We have become such a divided fan base but it was wonderful to see and hear the fans back the team when Bowyer came in at the end of last season to remind us all of the importance of connectivity and backing the team and a manager we can trust in. Think we can all agree that’s our goal. A single Addicks goal. Yet anything we can influence, in any small way, to hurry up Duchatelet’s departure is worthwhile as we are on the cusp of another season with a threadbare squad lacking quality, experience and numbers with the word ambition sounding very hollow.

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  1. Brian Cowan #

    Roland is like Hitler in his bunker in the last days of Berlin sending out old men and children to fight against properly prepared opposition.

    July 18, 2018
  2. Mark #

    Yes Brian, and we all know how that ended ….. anyone got a spare loaded gun and gallon of petrol?
    Despite the worst that old Adolf could do a destroyed Germany rose to become a major power – let’s hope that after Dushatalot shuffles off we have to wait a lot less than Germany did in order to turn things around.
    2025 Europe League anyone??

    Meanwhile my Valley exile continues until the Buffoon from Walloon finally leaves the Valley, one way or the other….

    July 18, 2018

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