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Thomas Sandgaard

I thought that Thomas Sandgaard hit all the right notes in his Sky Sports interview earlier. Ambition without overpromising, an understanding of the club and it’s community as well as it’s fan base. He talked in simple compassionate terms and is clearly motivated to make the transaction with ESI happen as soon as possible.

As has become apparent, the critical assets of The Valley and Sparrows Lane  will have to come later, and I won’t sleep well at night until all of the parts of the jigsaw are under one roof. Nonetheless Sandgaard needs as much negotiating power as possible, and time is more on the Dane’s side than the Belgian’s.

The motivation of owning a football club in England is not clear, other than a friend of the Dane’s encouraging him to take a look, and look he did at Sunderland, QPR and Wigan. The rock star CEO may like the indulgence of owning a football club, but he is obviously a listener, respectful of our history and sympathetic to our plight.

There was ambition, but it was sprinkled with realism. I started at his face on freeze frame for a while and he looked honest enough and I couldn’t find any obvious flaws or dishonest red flags.

The club will cost him more than a £1, and he will pay off people what he feels is the appropriate amount for their association, whether honourable or not.

The season as he noted is three and a half weeks away, but Marian Mihail has said the club has liquidity to pay wages, but we are still very hamstrung by the transfer embargo and salary limitation.

Sandgaard was saying a few days back that the deal could be concluded this week, but now we have to wait on the fraud Paul Elliott’s attempts to seek an injunction to prevent ESI selling the club, which will delay proceedings

Sandgaard has a few bob made from the company he founded 15 years ago in Englewood, Colorado. A negotiator, and he needs to be a good one, the club has obviously grabbed him.

Has he grabbed me? Maybe a little, but I remain on the fence, but equally we want this over with and we throw the crooks and chancers over a cliff, figuratively…. perhaps.

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  1. Bob Miller #

    The old axiom “once bitten, twice shy” can be amplified many times over when you consider the number of times somebody has “put their teeth” into Charlton.
    On that basis, it is fair to suggest that many will be sceptical of the initiative being put forward by Thomas Sandgaard.
    However, CA, like you, I feel that the man seems genuine; he handled himself extraordinarily well in the 17 minute interview and all we can do is be hopeful that he succeeds.
    Having said that, it a horrible, convuluted mess at the moment and time is definitely of the essence.

    August 20, 2020
  2. Shadow Play #

    To an extent all we can do is wait..but as you say there are no obvious red flags from his business career that should warn us off. He has no history of turning people over or runnings companies into the ground and asset stripping them ro death. Or at least none that I can see. We musn’t fall into the trap of biting every hand that wants to feed us.

    Dare I say it but the slightly unconventional background – music loving etc would be a good fit and he’s making the right noises about keeping Lee and the gang together.

    Perhaps another great Dane to add to our collection – Allen Simonsen, Claus Jensen and err Dennis Rommedahl.

    August 20, 2020
    • Very good point Shadow on not snapping any hands off that come anywhere near us.

      You forgot Johnny Ostergaard 🇩🇰

      August 20, 2020
      • Brian Wakefield #

        And Viggo Jacobsen who came with him.

        August 21, 2020
  3. Again will try and never see my posts and very genuine ones and a genuine supporter of 60 years
    Yes, heard the latest interview on Talksport re MR Thomas Sandgaard and again talks extremely well and either he or his friends do seem to know CAF’s history.
    He is a very smooth talker but noticed the Lady Sawyer when asking him about “is it 50 million the price and he did say well it with the lawyers and he seemed to waver a little.
    Perhaps it is me and there was another question thought he had to be careful or just a little uncertain in a reply.
    I, also understand why just the Charlton Athletic club first but yes”ideally would want all the assets under ONE roof.
    Then he mentions about 10 to 20 years of renting the Valley.
    IMHO I think and hope that time is of the essence to get this first part BEFORE the new season is scheduled to start.
    Maybe this but puzzled if he has the money for 50 million but more likely 60 million why not offer half now and half later or indeed all of it now. MAYBE the time factor and let’s face it the time bomb is ticking louder each day, why have a rental agreement, unless the RAT will not move on this.
    Something is not sitting right but maybe the cynic in me but you can not blame us with all the lies and thieves we have had before and not just since January and still these crooks are still sniffing around.
    Someone put my mind at rest and yes “don’t bite everyone’s hand off to someone wanting seemingly wants to buy the club.
    Even Bows was stating the other week ” He seems a very nice guy to me regarding that crook Elliott.
    We have had many of them and just wonder all those who clapped Mouthall in the lounges how they feeling now.

    August 20, 2020

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