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A statement {…}

A non-statement statement but at least it was, er, a statement.

I’m not sure if the club hit a new low or high yesterday when it came to communication, but let’s not forget that Chris Solly is leading the World Cup prediction competition!

A lot of doubt still surrounds the sale of the club, but it was a joint statement and I believe the Aussies were behind the decision to put something to the supporters. For the time being at least negotiations continue between Duchatelet and the Australian consortium, but there’s no mention of a British bid, which may just be a figment of Richard Murray’s imagination.

The more I read the two reasons given for why the sale is taking forever, the more I think the following two sentences were carefully worded.

“The need to satisfy the regulatory complexities” and “the challenges of assembling an ownership group” suggest that the EFL are not entirely happy or understanding of how the funds are being presented and that Muir’s group still don’t have enough money to satisfy the asking price, or of course there’s a merry game of poker going on too.

But it’s good to know that “the club’s management team are focused on the club’s operations.”

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