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Nimer working on a new board

Happy Paddy’s Day. Drinking from home today. I need one. Already.

HE Tahnoon Nimer went back to social media today, carefully written running through the extraordinary events of last week and attempting to reassure us that soon he will appoint a new board of directors once the removal of Matt Southall has been legally stamped. Here it is:


Yet, still no mention that he has satisfied the EFL with neither the source of his or ESI’s funds nor the extent. Meanwhile the club live hand to mouth with no gate receipts coming anytime soon.

The dedicated team of UK lawyers Nimer talks off include Chris Farrell, from the Altrincham based sports law firm IPS, who may or may not have had previous association with Southall. What that also means for other characters involved such as Lee Amis, Jonathan Heller, Jacco van Seventer and John Hirst, the last three part of Nimer’s Abu Dhabi team, who knows.

So what sort of eclectic group of directors will Nimer collect for his new board? A known Charlton figure would appear essential. I have grave concerns over a bunch of sycophantic misfits with no football experience showing up in SE7.

One name that seems certain to feature is Nimer confidante Claudiu Florica, a Romanian businessman with no football background as far as I can see apart from a liking for Dinamo Bucharest. Google Florica, it won’t reassure you. We need to approach Nimer’s next move with a lot of caution.

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  1. Assuming he has gained control of the club why is he using his Instagram account to communicate with the fans and not the official website? Still a long way to go to convince me the guy is legit and in cafc for the long haul.

    March 17, 2020
  2. Could well be that there has to be an extra ordinary meeting to officially oust and install the new team and until then he doesn’t control the club website? and therefore comms.

    March 17, 2020
    • Who knows what is happening, we don’t know and even more worrying none of them in SE7 know either!!!

      March 17, 2020

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