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Welcome Mr. Elliott

Excuse me Mr. Elliott for not getting too excited with your undoubted charm and sincerity. Thanks, but I’d rather keep my powder dry and if your face positively comes into my mind in a year’s time then you would have done good things.

But, it is deeds now and not words that Addicks are searching for, and I’m on a really bad run of broken promises and relationships so forgive me my restrain.

I do thank you for keeping the wolves from the door by paying wages. This hopefully allows Bowyer and his players to have the sole concentration of staying up over these next four and a bit weeks.

Still, I’m not buying Elliott’s time-honoured new owner waffle. Odd though that a man of such apparent wealth has so little public presence. It was an incredible bit of capital raising work by Chris Farnell to find you.. at an estate agents in Cheadle. I hope that pound you spent was clean.

Farnell and Elliott are here to make a quick buck. Let’s not be blinded by the truth. Our only hope is that they sell to someone with honourable intentions and a transparent and sustainable plan. Elliott has stated with a clear reference to the last two conmen that he is not here to pilfer the club. That’s good to know.

If Duchatelet attempted to steal our soul, Southall and Nimer tried to steal everything but the kitchen sink. There’s not much left Mr. Elliott accept showing some dignity and compassion towards our great club.

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  1. rierti #

    I like to be optimistic so I give Paul Elliot the benefit of the doubt. Some reports suggest his tenure will be temporary but his article on the CAFC website indicates a longer term arrangement with co-investors who are not yet in place,( hopefully Barclay and Varney). Varney seems ideally placed for the CEO job which he could probably do on a part time basis with the support of Chris Parkes thereby keeping his salary requirements within bounds.
    I think our fate on the pitch will heavily depend on the first three results, we cannot afford to lose at Hull.

    June 14, 2020

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