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Pass the parcel

Roll up, roll up. Have I got a deal for you. A nice little number, decent bodywork if you ignore the lumps taken out of it, just a few uncareful owners. Okay more than a few. Take it for a ride…. everyone else has!

Another owner of our club tonight. Well apparently. Who the f knows?

Chris Farnell, a solicitor specializing in sports law. Non-descript career, once Southall’s mate, then fell out over a couple of grand, sniffed about Bury and Bolton like a fly around shit, sidled up with Nimer once he and Southall fell out, was allegedly threatened by Southall, became club’s official lawyer, then resigned, appointed director of ESI and now owns the club. You got all that?

Farnell was also involved at Swansea when Huw Jenkins sold the club to the American consortium.

So, is this just Farnell working with Nimer in the background to shaft Southall, and then babysit the club until ‘proper’ new owners come in?

It is said that Farnell was not returning Peter Varney’s call’s regarding his and Andrew Barclay’s proposal to buy the whole club’s assets. Maybe he has Jenkins in mind. Mhmm, okay. Southall out of the picture, Jenkins or Varney given more time to prepare their bids. Seems feasible.

But does it? It is said that Farnell paid the June salaries. But, honestly I don’t reckon he could afford to pay mine. So, who is the backer?

Maybe the Daily Mail, that bastion of breaking stories, have got a line that Farnell has another buyer lined up, one of his muckers from the stable of Cheshire miscreants.

Paul Elliott. No not that Paul Elliott who has been connected with past takeover bids, but a property developer. A consortium led by Elliott according to The Mail. Who are these consortium’s? How do you become one, and do you have to social distance?

Wannabees playing with our football club, and this is just purchasing ESI remember.

Hello 👋 EFL?

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  1. rierti #

    “This sketch is getting silly”,a quote from Monty Python show seems appropriate at this time. Let sanity prevail.

    June 9, 2020
  2. confidentialrick #

    From the currant bun: “A source close to Nimer said: “It’s been a tough decision but he listened to the fans’ wishes”“
    “Tahnoon will hand the club to the consortium and they have the time and money to take it forward. He hopes the decision will ensure the club is in a position to build for the future.”

    It’s the hypocrisy that stinks…As if any of them give a flying f about the fans..

    June 9, 2020
  3. Shadow Play #

    One of the Chuckle brothers is a Paul Elliott, just saying…

    June 9, 2020
  4. “this is just purchasing ESI remember”

    A truly prophetic observation…!

    November 30, 2020

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