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Sold? To Bassini? Who the hell knows

It looks as if without putting in one penny of his own money Tahnoon Nimer is close to selling Charlton. Low life Matt Southall, who to be fair, did part with a pound, will also walk away with a bundle of cash.

Rumours that Laurence Bassini is the buyer appear to have been squashed. Thank god. Bassini is Southall’s preferred buyer, the deadbeat attempted to get Bassini to buy Nimer’s ESI shareholding so keeping Southall involved. Thick as thieves is quite an apt idiom.

Addicks’ ears were pricked yesterday when Marian Mihail told CAST that he and the club were too busy to respond to their weekly questions. Then in what we’ve become very used to, a pointless nonsensical ’announcement’ was put on the club’s website yesterday afternoon.

Mihail then found it necessary to announce that the buyer being Bassini is not true. Mind you Mihail last week said that Nimer didn’t plan on selling the club.

I’m frankly sick and tired of these crooks, nobodies and wannabies living out some kind of sick reality TV show with my football club. They can all piss off and let us suffer the EFL evicting us from The Championship, probable administration and a points deduction in peace.

If it not Bassini, I hardly expect it to be anyone with remotely the right intentions. And what do they actually own anyway? ESI is as Lyle says just a fraud.

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  1. Steve #

    CA the whole worlds gone tits so at least can look at this shit show with some kind of perspective
    Oh for May 19

    May 23, 2020
  2. John Cox #

    Can the EFL ever allow Bassini to control another club? I cannot see it, even with their apparent incompetence. I just want our club to have happy times- it really doesn’t matter if it’s Premier/ Championship/D1- that’s how it’s always been since I first went in 1965. We survived the 80s, and we can survive this, as long as we don’t allow any more Southalls/Bassinis near the club, and that is unfortunately the useless EFL’s job.

    May 23, 2020
  3. clivesangster #

    Bassini has twice been made Bankrupt. He’s a liar and a crook

    May 24, 2020
  4. Steve Mchattie #

    We need to go into administration and start again with a clean slate in a lower division. Other clubs have gone down this route Southampton to name one. We can then get on without all the baggage around our necks

    May 24, 2020
  5. rierti #

    What a shambolic situation CAFC are in. Southall is nothing short of an asset stripper. I don’t understand what Nimer is up to either. The potential buyers do not engender confidence and the process of sale (if any) will be overseen by the incompetent EFL.

    May 24, 2020
  6. Les #

    I am no expert in high finance (I use the term loosely here.) But am I the only one confused as to why we have a new owner (or owners) of ESI rather than a completely new consortium or company? Murky to say the least!

    May 24, 2020

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