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Garner sacked

Ben Garner has left the club it has been announced on the Official Site.

“Charlton Athletic can confirm the departure of Ben Garner as the club’s men’s first-team Manager” (more)

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30 year old memories

Happy 30th anniversary Back to The Valley Day.

We’ll ignore how the team did their very best to bury any memories of a wonderful time in our history on Saturday. A penny for the thoughts of those real Charlton legends including the peerless Roger and Heather Alwen who had to sit through that tosh.

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Tails are up in spite of Sandgaard

I’m still pumped after Saturday. Very memorable day, even for those who attended but were on their way to their cars when Dobbo looped that header in.

Sunday’s Charlton Live is well worth a listen this week, as is the podcast Not The Top 20, who spend plenty of time in homage to the game.

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Joachim Sandgaard

Another nobody having a dig at Charlton fans yesterday on Twitter. Another son on Daddy’s payroll echoing the thoughts of the owner just as non-executive director Leo Rifkind did recently.

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Can Garner turn it around?

When asked in the absence of certain players, whether not signed or injured, how he was going to get results, Ben Garner has always answered that it will be hard work and improvement on the training ground.

I understand that. His number one KPI is to improve the players individually and collectively, although I always sigh when manager’s say that they’ve had a great week on the training ground.

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Two in, three out?

“Yeah, of course. We’re looking to see if we can stretch the other defence a little more – someone able to run in behind and create that confusion. We’ve seen that already, that it has been a little too easy for opposing defences to cut us off.”

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Big week

We have had some very depressing transfer deadlines with players sold from under our noses. The noises coming from within the club have been pretty honest in that it’s very apparent that we have to sell before we buy, and many players look to be on the block this week.

Charlie Kirk, Jake Forster-Caskey, Alex Gilbey, Craig MacGillivray, Jayden Stockley, Albie Morgan and Sean Clare could all be subject to bids this week. The squad is already paper-thin so making sure we have replacements is the most basic principle.

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Sandgaard makes Olly Groome redundant

For many years Olly Groome was the most honest and trustworthy link between the football club, it’s players and it’s supporters. Last night that ended.

Thomas Sandgaard has made Olly Groome redundant in further cost cutting measures. Olly was more than an advocate and a lifelong fan, for years throughout terrible working conditions he was one of a very small loyal band of people that kept the club whole, even functioning.

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Open to offers for Davison and JFC

Hot on the news of the club open to selling Jake Forster Caskey, it is also appears that Josh Davison could also be gone by the time the transfer window is closed.

JFC was only offered a new contract a few months back after fighting back from another long-term injury. None of us really know if the 2020/21 POTY can rediscover that form, but central midfield is an area where the squad is more than adequate and it looks as if Ben Garner would rather move JFC on over Albie Morgan and Alex Gilbey.

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Fill The Valley

Slightly bemused by today’s match day price tickets announcement. Between £29 to £34 per home game for a seat in the majority of the stadium on the back of a horribly rising cost of living. Not to mention petrol prices and increasing interest rates. Do I need to go on. £34 for League One football? Where is Thomas getting his advice from?

All this on the back of the disastrous efforts to fill the 18,000 or so empty seats last season. No bad idea filling The Valley but a) make it a worthwhile product and 2) have a knowledge based marketing strategy and 3) price it accordingly.

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More back room staff leave

And by all accounts not of their own making. COO Brian Jokat, appointed by Thomas Sandgaard fell on his sword last week because he didn’t play well with interference from Raelynn Sandgaard, allegedly.

Raelynn seems to be ‘lady’ with no portfolio at the club and I’m intrigued seeing her influence grow. Today other members of the commercial team were made redundant, some employed recently by Jokat, others hired by Sandgaard.

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One change and one no change

Remember this guy ⬅️?

Brian Jokat was appointed as Chief Operating Officer 8 weeks ago, and now news reaches us that he left the club this week.

We are now counting on our second hand the amount of senior level hires that Thomas Sandgaard has made and then dispensed with

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An upgrade in optimism

After seeing some of the good work going on at Sparrows Lane I decided to leave off picking on Thomas Sandgaard for a while. The investment the owner along with Valley Gold has made at Sparrows Lane is transformational. The new buildings and great improvement to the infrastructure at the training ground is impressive, even more so knowing that the land and the facility is owned by Roland Duchatelet.

The new environment can’t help but to bring fresh optimism, culture and ambition when Ben Garner meets his players for the first time in person next week.

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Welcome Ben Garner

Well that’s a surprise.

Despite various denials, indecisiveness and fluff, two weeks after the cat was out of the bag, the club have finally confirmed that Ben Garner will be Charlton’s new manager, signing a three-year contract.

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The update is no update

The club’s communications team broke from their Jubilee weekend to update fans via the Official Site.

“In an effort to update our fans, while the club remains focused on finding the right manager we are still not at a point where a final decision has been made.” (more)

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