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Charlton Athletic 1 Bolton Wanderers 4

No way back for Nigel Adkins now surely.

After Adkins made his 23rd team change in four games we started well. Davison finished clinically from a Leko cross and those two supported by Blackett-Taylor and Lee actually aroused the senses for 30 minutes, but we ran out of legs and ideas and Bolton equalized just before half-time with another long range pot shot with Matthews again culpable.

Half-time and all to play for, but for the love of god what does Adkins say to them during the break?

I have most definitely seen us play worse and not lose 4-1, but I don’t think I have ever seen a Charlton team so unfit, unprepared and unorganized. We lack leaders, a system, belief and frankly the players also look beyond caring.

Let’s not kid ourselves this is a relegation looking team bereft of leadership, direction and heart. We are already 4 points from safety and played a game more. We sit in the lowest league place any of us can ever remember.

Incredibly the crowd stuck with them and Davison and Leko and possibly Lee and Clare until he couldn’t breathe, were exempt from criticism…. so they will be dropped on Saturday, most of the others were hapless or at least spineless.

Adkins cut a forlorn figure soaked on the sidelines and then after. A parody of his cheery morning walk videos.

In the studio Curbs and Dean Kiely were politely but openly critical in their conclusions. Curbs talked of what he would do when we were near the bottom of the Premiership. I almost cried. What did we all do to deserve this?

Thomas needs to show some leadership and make a change quickly and decisively because this is not going to get any better, and sadly I think this shit show goes beyond the manager with the owner not immune to having fingers pointed in his direction.

I just don’t know if Sandgaard will admit to a mistake though. He was so gung-ho when he signed up positive Nigel after Ged set up the call-in details. Nigel interviewed like a dream on a Zoom video, but sadly he has not lived up to expectation off it.

Mr Positivity: “In the last 20 minutes trying to win it we’ve let the game go away from us with some poor goals. They’ve got a couple of ricochets in there as well but that was a challenging bit.”

Photo credit: Kyle Andrews

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  1. Steve #

    Last night surely extinguishes any remaining hope or ambition of promotion this season.
    The club is being rebuilt brick by brick after years of mismanagement, the coaching staff and team need to go through the same process.
    I think for now we’d all be best served recognising were we’re at, forget the past but not the recent past, we are a league 1 team and need to get behind whoever comes in to ensure it don’t get any worse.
    Bowyer and Gallen did a magnificent job papering over the cracks for a glorious season but we’re paying the price now.
    Let’s all give Sangaard the support he needs to continue underwriting the huge losses and give us a chance of regaining our pride and passion in the years to come.

    September 29, 2021
  2. Simon Jones #

    Enough is enough

    September 29, 2021
  3. Well said Steve.

    September 29, 2021
  4. NorfolkRed #

    Agree CA. The rot needs to stop right now and that should begin with TS taking decisive action today. I know it’s difficult to accept that mistakes were made over the appointment of Nigel Adkins but the situation has deteriorated so badly now that even the most level-headed fan has come to accept that a change of manager is inevitable. Thomas is new to this game so in such circumstances he needs to be able to rely on the ideas and advice of experienced people who know what they are doing. Alan Curbishley is the ideal person to advise Thomas. Ged Roddy is not an experienced CEO. His CV is very limited in football terms. Running an academy is not the ideal grounding for running a club. Someone like Peter Varney would have been a great and obvious appointment as CEO, and he still would be. Steve Gallen has demonstrated that he can spot a player when he sees one and did fine before Roddy appeared on the scene so Steve has earned the right, l believe, to continue his role but unhindered by less qualified people in the club. Something is clearly wrong throughout the club that is not just restricted to the playing side. On current form, this season is obviously a question of surviving in L1 and avoiding the dreaded R word. The club has gone backwards this season at an alarmingly rate. No team is too good to get relegated. A change of manager must happen quickly before the gap at the bottom becomes too great to bridge. It seems ridiculous to say that in September!

    September 29, 2021
  5. greg brown #

    I think the writing was on the wall after the first five games.Adkins only got the decent results at the end of last season because of the squad he inherited.
    Left to his own devices, from the first games of the current season, it was apparent that he struggled with his formations and tactics.He doesn’t know his best eleven, even ten games in.
    Too much rotation gives no stability.
    Time to give someone else a shot.

    September 29, 2021
  6. Kim #

    I think Curbs and Deano politely summed up the state of things on Charlton TV after the match. I hope TS had a stream into this and he’ll see what he’s done wrong. Steve Gallen deserves to stay but Geddy CV is poor and was I believe sacked by Reading. Would love to see Curbs and Varney back at the club…….real Charlton men through and through. As always I love your way CA with words and the encouraging replies you receive

    September 29, 2021
  7. Mike #

    No words can describe last night only a few players can hold their head up today and one was Davidson, but if Adkins is still in place, he will no doubt be dropped saying he needs a rest, along with the few who played well, whilst carthorse Watson at 38 will be kept in the side for his fifth game in a row! That’s because he hardly actually does any running around apart from playing one twos backwards and sideways, to keep his ratings up of just passing the ball, please retire him now, he is no leader in midfield.
    Whilst the the defense blamed for letting in poor goals and the forwards for not scoring enough, the biggest problem is the midfield. We have too many weak players who just look for the easy way out, there is no Aribo, Cullen, Parker etc who really gets stuck in, can also hold onto the ball and bring it out themselves and drive the ball forward.
    As for Adkins he’s in a time warp and has totally lost the plot, I can’t believe Sangaard hasn’t finally given him gardening leave after last nights display, so he can take his walk to Lands End!

    September 29, 2021
  8. Les #

    After weeks of trying to make sense of what Adkins is doing I have narrowed it down to the only remaining answer.
    At the beginning of the season you could get 100/1 on us getting relegated.
    Only joking.

    September 29, 2021
  9. Bob Miller #

    It has become clear that Adkins cheerfulness, cheerleading, motivational b.s., general lack of tactics and leadership has fallen completely flat with the squad and coaches. TS needs to immediately step up and make a big decision to cashier the man. There are at least eleven guys there that can compete favourably in this poor excuse of a division, they just need to be properly managed. By whom, I have no idea, but to me, Jackson and/or Euell are not the answers.

    September 29, 2021
  10. Terence Lloyd #

    A win under Adkins now would be insufficient, for that only perpetuates the hope that CAFC has “turned a corner”. Clearly positivity has not gelled this team of talented player in 10 games. Maybe my expectations are overblown but to bring in 13 players at a late date is a huge problem. Adkins needs to go now and let Johnny Jackson or Jason Euell have a go at improving our performance.

    September 29, 2021

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