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Garner to be appointed? Not according to Mrs Sandgaard!

The soap opera, because that is what we have become, surrounding the appointment of a new manager continued tonight.

32 days after Johnnie Jackson was sacked by Thomas Sandgaard today the senior sports reporter at the Swindon Advertiser plus Talksport and even The Athletic all reported that Ben Garner had signed a 2-year deal with the Addicks.

Compensation was said to be agreed and even Garner’s salary was published. It was understood that the new manager would be unveiled on Monday.

In what was has been the longest drawn out appointment of a football manager ever, Addicks’ fans reacted positively having played around with the idea of Garner and possibly a director of football plus two coaches joining to finally kick start our summer plans with training starting in two weeks and the season in six.

Garner’s attacking high possession based game played out from the back has been deeply scrutinized and debated on social media by Addicks, but most of us just want to see some semblance of a plan to attack promotion next season. Garner if it was going to be him would get our backing as long as he was given the right tools and controls.

Yet tonight Sandgaard’s wife Raelynn replied to Rich Cawley’s post reporting the Swindon Advertiser to be incorrect.

Honestly what a laughing stock we have become.

When pushed by fans Raelynn Maloney said “the club will release accurate information once a manager has been signed.”


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  1. Chris #

    I did say the official announcement will be evident if white smoke appears from the burger van in the stadium car park….if its black smoke no appointment and call for the fire service !!!!

    June 5, 2022
  2. bgb #

    I would not be so critical. TS has brought stability to the club, he has also experienced 3 different personalities in terms of managers. I think any critical assessment of his tenure should wait a while yet. More interesting will be the type of manager he goes for. Twitter like the world is full of disinformation, chill…

    June 5, 2022
    • Paul #

      I have been have similar thoughts as bgb, however just as I accept that TS is a professional business man another bit of soap opera occurs.
      Then I think that how it is going to be and just hope good things happen on the pitch.

      June 5, 2022
  3. Chris #

    Seems Mrs S wears the trousers in the house….no appointment till she has put her professional qualifications to practise as a qualified psychologist….

    June 5, 2022
  4. houndal #

    All this ridiculous cloak and dagger is embarrassing to say the least. Just appoint Garner and get on with it.
    However, it is also reported that player recruitment will be entirely the decision of TS and MS, which frankly puts Garner or whoever in a no win position. I fail to see how any manager could work with no meaningful say in who is recruited. Back to the Roly days.
    Not looking good.

    June 5, 2022
    • Chris #

      It’s a pity that TS has not shared his vision for the immediate future of the club….so much mis-information and guess work going around.
      It’s created a maelstrom of false information and guess work.
      I would suggest to TS and his communication department at CAFC to squash rumours and give factual info about the new Ppointment as this is becoming a farce !!!!

      June 5, 2022
      • What do you mean? We have a vision. Premier League in 5 years. Fill the Valley. My son has an amazing shot etc.

        June 5, 2022
        • Chris #


          June 6, 2022

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