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Jacko appointed

Boom 💥

The news we have been waiting for came today when Johnnie Jackson became permanent Charlton manager signing a deal “which will automatically renew at the end of each of the next two seasons based on success on the pitch for the Addicks.”

I imagine it is that clause that has taken the time to negotiate. Thomas likes to do things differently, and it makes no sense for him to go down the long contract offer and then have to cough up before it has any chance of expiration. See Ipswich Town.

I am happy that both parties and presumably lawyers are happy with the deal and it does give Jacko the security of this season and next.

Great day for players, fans and Jacko.

Charlton Athletic Football Club’s heart beats louder with Johnnie Jackson in it’s blood stream.


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  1. William Skudder #

    Great news for all of our supporters, and hopefully he will be getting new players in the next few weeks, best we have all felt for some time, we’ll done Jacko!!!

    December 17, 2021
  2. And in true Charlton tradition, cue defeat against Plymouth on Saturday;) is

    December 17, 2021
  3. Mike #

    At last, now we can move on and upwards and Jacko can also hopefully get rid of some of the dead wood in January and bring some decent new blood in, so we can add some more quality players, as at present we are very light of decent players on the bench being able to make an impact.
    I am not expecting any sort of promotion for this season, though it would be absolutely fantastic if he could acheive it considering where we were at when he took over! The main thing is, that he is given the right tools and backing to have a full input on new players for next season and get then in early, rather than having some last minute rushed signings put upon him, to fill the gaps. Which is needed, if he is to really make a go for promotion.

    December 17, 2021
  4. Jon #

    The recent turnaround in form has obviously forced Sandgaard’s hand, and Jackson has deservedly got the job, although it doesn’t quite feel like the show of confidence in him, when you read some to the terms. It would be interesting to know whether failure to achieve promotion this season would see Jackson out of a job, which would strike me as being somewhat unfair, especially as we were beginning to look like candidates for the drop?

    December 17, 2021
    • Do you have additional information on the terms Jon, other than what has already been reported?

      December 17, 2021
      • Jon #

        No, sadly not! We all want CAFC to be successful, but those terms reported seem to leave Jackson staring down the barrel from the get go.

        December 18, 2021
        • Ken Jennings #

          God forbid a contact extension should be performance related. Can you put your hand in your pocket and guarantee a bunch of dosh whatever happens?

          December 18, 2021
          • Jon #

            I stand by my initial comment, that I don’t think that Sandgaard wanted to offer Jackson the job, but the form of the team left him with no other option. As for the terms of the contract, do you honestly believe that Sandgaard would have offered these to an established manager, or that an experienced manager would have accepted those terms, especially if we were recruiting someone from another team?

            December 19, 2021
    • Jon – I have to say I thought the original period was until the end of 2022/23, but now after Sandgaard’s comments I’m not sure. Looks as if first review period is after this current season.

      December 17, 2021
    • fred chung #

      Stateside law makers for you. Yes i agree its a bit harsh for Johnnie but reflect the payoff the dane’s coughing up for good “ole” smiling adkins who thought league 1 was a piece of cake with a wealth of experience behind him only to find that league 2 i prefer division 4 was gaping like a minge at a pox doctors surgery.

      December 17, 2021
      • Ken Jennings #

        Fred, Stateside or not, TS must have felt peed off about having to pay Adkins for his failures, which were obviously unexpected when they did their deal. The fact this is the ‘norm’ through the leagues doesn’t make it right.
        That is money that could have been spent strengthening the squad.
        I don’t see anything wrong with performance related payments/contracts.
        I hope the idea catches on, frankly.
        And I certainly don’t see how some find it ‘Insulting’.
        Sensible move by TS and obviously JJ has signed onto it. Where’s the beef?

        December 19, 2021

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