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Tails are up in spite of Sandgaard

I’m still pumped after Saturday. Very memorable day, even for those who attended but were on their way to their cars when Dobbo looped that header in.

Sunday’s Charlton Live is well worth a listen this week, as is the podcast Not The Top 20, who spend plenty of time in homage to the game.

Results, performances, moments can unite and ignite teams and supporters, and this maybe one. Even if promotion this season is out of reach, a full bloodied effort to at least challenge would be most welcome and will get bums on seats.

This all with the backdrop of Thomas Sandgaard’s antagonistic ownership.

I have scrutinized Thomas Sandgaard’s ownership and more so administration of the club on here since he appeared wearing a dinner jacket and carrying an electric guitar. I was always pretty skeptical, although thankful for his timing and rescue of the club from charlatans and crooks.

I haven’t had time recently to delve further and deeper, and report on his sudden deviation on ambition and inconspicuousness, as well as the more and more alarming stories of his management style.

However, others have, and as always Dave does a bang up job here for those of you that haven’t read his piece.

This was on the back of CAST’s virtual meeting with the owner last week. It’s tough to read that piece and not be irked. Sandgaard’s comments were disingenuous, disrespectful and ignorant.

The Trust issued some follow up thoughts yesterday, and with credence low we’ll see what happens as we lead into the transfer window. Ben Garner, who endeared himself to Addicks everywhere yesterday, has slowly started to talk up his needs and wants for January. A possible full on car crash may await.

Anyway, Saturday reminded us all what it is to be a Charlton fan, so I want to dwell on that, and the character showed by those wearing red and backing they got from those in the stands.

We take a break from the league now, and have three cup games in succession allowing a chance to rest up some wounded and tired and bleed some other players. It will be interesting to see what teams and attitude Garner sends out, but momentum is key.

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  1. JOHN F GOSS #

    Excellent comments, yes three cup games up and a stinker of a match Burton Albion as we seem to lose to the league’s bottom club. Never underestimated a team when playing cup matches, especially the FA Cup.

    November 1, 2022
  2. greg brown #

    Agree with all your comments CA….. Isn’t it peculiar that the man that actually saved our beloved club from possible extinction just over two years ago, has turned from flamboyant hero into somewhat of a silent pariah……maybe a winning run with more bums on seats and cash in pocket, will see him come out of hibernation !

    November 1, 2022
  3. Are you enjoying the Jeffrey Dahmer drama on Netflix? I did.

    I often feel uncomfortable watching dramatisation’s or true crime documentaries that concern horrific crimes but as I work in Mental Health, the mind and the distortion of mind created by childhood events I find fascinating.

    Of course it doesn’t forgive the behaviour but does throw light onto why someone may commit such horrendous atrocities.

    I certainly came out of the series, while not necessarily forgiving him but understanding the bigger picture but again to empathise it doesn’t change the horrors of his actions!

    November 1, 2022
    • I have to say Martin that I have only just started watching it after downloading it a week or so ago. I will let you know.

      November 1, 2022
  4. Chris #

    Totally agree with you CA…..we hope that the performance witnessed on Saturday can continue when we play the next league game.
    Garner now has time to experiment with different players allowing injured players to recover.
    Three cup games on the trot are demanding but focusing on league position must be priority for the club, TS now needs to back Garner in the January window…..if not I fear progress will be damaged.
    With regard to our win just check out Stevie Brown’s commentary on Charlton TV….especially the last 9 minutes…its on YouTube and brilliant !!!!!

    November 1, 2022
  5. Christopher #

    What a game!

    I recall seeing Ipswich at the Valley last season, they had been through a rebuilding process in the summer but, had not got the results expected and subsequently let the manager go (sounds familiar doesn’t it?). Ipswich lost 2-0 that day and the away end was very toxic indeed.

    Fast forward and this year we are the toxic ones.

    I do hope we can put the missing pieces of our jigsaw in to place in January, I don’t think it will mean promotion this year but, if we can do that in January we just might. A more likely scenario is that we get better and start to gel, then we can tinker in the summer, if so, next year will be our year.

    In the mean time, Ben Garner seems to be winning over fans with his passion and excellent pre/post match chats. He seems a very decent man, we can do well with him if we have the patience.

    November 1, 2022

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