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Ben Garner post mortem

Ben Garner strikes me as a reasonably smart bloke, he always carried an honest opinion post games, which was refreshing, but in recent weeks and even months the narrative had become a lot more barbed.

In front of the owner on Saturday he pretty much wrote his suicide note by playing a team and formation that issued a ‘what else am I meant to do’ plea.

His media comments after the game around culture and transfer window necessities sharply pointed a finger at Thomas Sandgaard’s management technique, the futile goal to break-even and overtly criticized his ownership of the club. Add this to the tidbit that Garner was not getting along with Martin Sandgaard, who like his Mother is widely influential at the club, then it didn’t even need bringing on Jake Forster-Caskey in the 91st minute to get him fired.

One assumes Ben will get a pay-off, as well as Scott Marshall and although Garner’s record of just 10 League One wins in 40 games for the Addicks and Bristol Rovers plus a failed play-off attempt to get out of League Two at Swindon, his stock is still pretty decent at least from a coaching and man-management potential.

Someone, and I hope they do because I’d be interested in what lies ahead for him, will no doubt take a chance on Garner in the future.

I assume we won’t hear from Garner publicly again, which is a shame because I am sure he can add content to a book in waiting of what it’s like working for the egotistical guitar wielding Dane turned American, who allegedly loves to fire at will.

Lee Bowyer, Nigel Adkins, Johnnie Jackson, Chris Parkes, Ged Roddy, Brian Jokat, Wayne Mumford, Olly Groome, Nathan Chapman, Dan Burke, Alastair Thrush, Danny Murphy and others can each add a chapter or two.

Ben Garner was appointed by Thomas Sandgaard to rebuild the club over a three-year period. He was fired within 6 months as he wasn’t given the tools to succeed. Whether the job was too big for Garner is irrelevant, the problems run deeper, and start with the owner and his family.

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  1. Paul #

    Sums up my thoughts too

    December 6, 2022
  2. David Evans #

    RIP Ben Garner – Nice Bloke just chose the wrong Football Club. He should head back to League Two, where CAFC could be heading!!

    December 6, 2022
  3. alofthevalley #

    Quite right CA
    What will be different for the next appointee? If TS won’t sufficiently back the manager what hope will anyone else have. I cringe at the thought that the playing style won’t change one jot as the directive comes from TS in which case we are royally shafted and heading down to the basement.

    December 6, 2022
  4. JOHN COOK #


    December 6, 2022
  5. Peter Knowles #

    Sorry,am i the only person who thought the team Ben picked on friday was never going to win.His team selection was very,very poor.The spotlight was clearly on him to produce a team to complete.I have been supporting Charlton for 60 odd years,watching my team play like this is painful.Bye bye ben.

    December 6, 2022
  6. Daggs #

    We have no future until the Rhinestone cowboy goes.

    December 6, 2022
  7. Mike #

    Sorry CA but for once I must disagree with you. Whilst Sangaard hasn’t covered himself in glory, wth his five year ridulous plan etc, it is his own fault for hiring these muppets as managers, apart from Jackson, who quite honestly should have really started in a lower league first, to gain some experince, as we all saw with his own downfall being of continuing to never changing tactics when things were going wrong and his very poor use of using the subs available for every game.

    With regard to Garner he wasn’t thought of very highly or liked at Crystal Palace as a coach, by the supporters and things improved once he left! His first job into managment at Bristol Rovers was a complete disaster as he was brought in when they were doing well to hopefully gain promotion, but he took them the opposite way into the relegation zone, where he was finally sacked. His next appointment at Swindon, in league 2, was again to hopefully gain promotion, whilst the away form was good, didn’t say entertaining, they managed to win most of their games, but again according to the pundits and Swindons own supporters the home form was very poor and appears similar to Charlton, where they played most of the football in their own half and had trouble putting any pressure on the oppostion. If you looked at nearly all the comments from Swindon supporters, when he joined Charlton, they were glad to see the back of him!
    Though Sangaard obviously didn’t give him much money to spend etc, whatever, he along with that clown Gallen, have no idea how he is still in a job, between them selected all these new players to come in, most who are no better or worse than the players already there &/or off loaded. Plus all from a lower league, who aren’t up to it, as per Garner, in a divison higher!
    His continual change of whinging and complaining after each match, are some of the worst I have ever seen, along with his one only team tactics and dire performances, over the 50 years I have watched Charlton! To blame Port Vale for their long ball, not trying to play football ,was a complete joke, when Garners own sideways, backwards passing mostly in their own half for much of the matchs played, is at Entertainment Zero.
    I and my friends are all 100% glad he’s been sacked by Sangaard, which is really the only positive thing he has done all season. The only thing on that issue is we all agree, he will be getting a nice payoff for doing jack…t and pushing the club further down in the mire.
    All we can do is hope Sangaard isn’t swayed by bull…t again and asks others in the know for some good advice and selects someone with a track record such as Darren Ferguson, who has had a good overall record and won’t pander to any nonsense from under performing players, which we have had too many of over these last years! As it’s now time for a hard hitting manager who tells it like it is, gives the players a rollicking behind closed doors when they play badly and doesn’t go slagging off certain players to the press for all to hear!
    As I previously said, we can all blame Sangaard for his failings at this club including me, but he doesn’t pick or coach the team, but many managers have been able to perform with little or no money to spend, including our own Mr Powell.
    Unfortunately we mostly always seem to make the wrong choice.

    December 6, 2022
  8. Wayne Burtt #

    OK. TS sacks BG but who will now sack TS? Somebody, please!!!

    December 7, 2022
  9. Keith Hyams #

    To a number of prospective replacements for Garner, the appointment of Sandgaard’s family to roles within the club, together with his insistence on a certain style of play, may indicate insidious micromanagement. Put that together with factors that include the apparent absence of a transfer budget and unreasonably high failure criteria and you have to ask yourself the question:- “Who in his right mind would take the job?”

    December 7, 2022
  10. Kevin #

    The truth is TS hasn’t got the money
    To succeed with a club like CAFC
    It need far too much investment

    December 7, 2022
    • Keith Hyams #

      “The estimated net worth of Thomas Sandgaard is at least $209 Million dollars as of 2022-12-08.”
      Thomas Sandgaard Net Worth (2022) –

      If you Google the wealth of other owners in the Championship and League 1, you may come to the conclusion that wealth may not be the only or even the main issue here.

      December 8, 2022
  11. Andy #

    I read speculation that Neil Redfearn is being lined up, but who in their right mind is going to take this job…

    It is doomed to failure. You simply cannot win promotion from League One with L2 players and loanees, so whoever takes the role will end up with a similar record to Garner and a sacking on their CV.

    December 9, 2022
  12. Wayne Burtt #

    We don’t want US-ian business methods and management styles inflicted on our club. The S family do not understand the English way and should do the honourable thing: sell up and retire as gracefully as they can manage. (I’ve read that some have looked back on the RD-era with rose-tinted spectacles… Perhaps they are right(-ish) for RD did not impose a micro-management style even though he inflicted KM on the club.) Some say that no-one will buy the club. Well, let’s see that idea tested in the real.

    December 10, 2022

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