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Ronnie Schwartz’s contract cancelled

This is harsh lesson for Thomas Sandgaard.

Ronnie Schwartz was openly courted by the owner, and eventually captured as our banner first signing in the January transfer window for a fee posted in the £500,000 range. Today Ronnie Schwartz has had his contract cancelled with 22 months remaining and has left the club.

At the end of the day some players work out and some don’t. Some come with high expectations, and some low, but Ronnie had a decent enough record previously to raise hopes. Let’s not kid ourselves but the Dane was foisted onto Gallen and Bowyer. SG declared later that ge had never heard of him, although LB did publicly say he was happy to have him on board, but what else was he to say, and after years of Duchatelet insanity would’ve just been happy witness cash exchange hands for a player that had played before.

Nonetheless the stats will tell us that neither Bowyer or Adkins rated Schwartz, and one conclusion is that for whatever reason he never impressed or inspired on the training field.

Schwartz started just 3 games, making 16 appearances in total and scored 1 goal. His penalty miss at Oxford wasn’t by any means the only reason why we missed out on the play-off’s, although if he’d had scored it then we would have finished above Oxford.

Before he came to the Addicks last winter he was frozen out of Midtjylland’s first team not playing at all that season. 32 now, I hope he and his family find the happiness they have clearly been striving.

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  1. Strange thing to say, ‘had he scored the penalty against Oxford we would have finished above them?’

    There’s no guarantee that the rest of the season would have panned out as it did, we could of easily slipped up elsewhere.

    October 12, 2021
    • I know. And I made the point that it wasn’t the reason we didn’t make the play-off’s, but there are big moments in games that can prove pivotal. That was one of them.

      October 12, 2021
  2. Mike #

    Complete waste of space and money and you don’t pay that sort of money for a 32 year old who as you have implied did not play a game in his last season and also that he was playing in inferior league abroad!

    Can Adkins now also mutally agree Watson could go as well, though I don’t think Mr W would agree to that, as he wants to finish his twilight years getting paid for doing very little, plus he is one of Mr A’s favourites. So I supose out of mutual respect for one another he will be staying!

    October 12, 2021
    • I don’t think Mr W is going anywhere and nor would I. But remember Mr W and Mr P were only going to be fringe players and their deals were to help bring on the youth, sorry pathway to the first team!

      October 12, 2021
  3. Shadow Play #

    Hopefully we paid nowhere near £500K – surely that was the headline price if he scored goals/played a certain number of games/got promoted etc.

    Good luck to him – it seems there were some off the pitch issues that might have been out of his control.

    Still – some money has been freed up for the January transfer window.

    October 13, 2021

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