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Open to offers for Davison and JFC

Hot on the news of the club open to selling Jake Forster Caskey, it is also appears that Josh Davison could also be gone by the time the transfer window is closed.

JFC was only offered a new contract a few months back after fighting back from another long-term injury. None of us really know if the 2020/21 POTY can rediscover that form, but central midfield is an area where the squad is more than adequate and it looks as if Ben Garner would rather move JFC on over Albie Morgan and Alex Gilbey.

Davison is the most known to Garner than any of the squad he’s inherited yet he also looks on his way with bids already rejected.

What the squad is lacking is firepower, and as much as I admire Josh’s work rate, he will not get goals at this level, so it is a must that any funds are put to adding striking options, whether centrally or from out wide.

Thomas Sandgaard also has the nest egg of approximately £1.6m from Nick Pope’s sale from Burnley to Newcastle after Bury Town get their share.

Whether Thomas uses that money in the window is not clear.

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  1. Mike #

    JFC no loss there as too many past injuries. Davidson a surprise as he played well at Swindon and could really come on this season.

    Anyway according to Sangaard we don’t need any more strikers up front as we now have Miles Leaburn, his words were, you watch him go, wasnt that the same phrase he used with Ronnie when he signed! Sangaard may be a good business man but he hasn’t got a clue about the standard of players and differences you need in the various leagues to perform.

    Leaburn has had a couple of games playing against non league clubs in friendlies, there is no saying how he will perform in league one especially againts the likes of Accrington who are a real physical team!

    July 18, 2022
  2. Chris #

    TS is tinkering with elements if the squad and JFC took time to recover from his injury last season.
    JD is not the answer as he is not an out and out striker and needs support to be lethal near goal.

    I’m looking forward to Albie Morgan cementing a place in the first team as I know he has the skills and ability provide the passes to cause opposition defences issues.

    July 18, 2022
  3. Mike #

    Looks like Morgan won’t get a look in as Garner is now signing yet another midfielder from his old club Swindon! Yet another Swindon player who has not played in this league before!

    July 18, 2022
  4. rierti #

    I fundamentally disagree with your comment that we are well fixed regarding midfield players as only JFC and Morgan can play the killer pass. I have not seen Gilbey with that ability nor Fraser so far, I think Kirk may be able but his work rate is poor based on what we have seen. Payne is a busy player but I question whether he is good enough for Div1. Wollacott does not impress me as he looks lightweight when put under pressure, as for Egbo I do not think he is anywhere near good enough,
    I was impressed with Leaburn but I do not want to see him rushed into being a regular starter at this stage of his career.
    I really fear for the future of our club under TS and BG.
    Davison has been used wide right and wide left in the most recent games as I have advocated for some time and I think he could do a good job in those positions as he crosses the ball well and has tremendous work rate which will enable him to support the full backs.
    Blackett-Taylor has pace but lacks technical ability and is probably best used as an impact sub.
    Jayesimi has had the odd good game but is not consistent enough.
    You will notice that all the new players are likely to be cheaper options to those they replace. JFC having been with us before and since we had a season in the Championship is probably on one of the best contracts.

    July 18, 2022

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