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Charlton Athletic 2 Accrington Stanley 3

There’s not much else to say is there?

My biggest concern as I get ready for bed, is that when I wake four hours after many of you is that Nigel Adkins will still be the Charlton Athletic manager. I feel sick at that thought.

This is the worst Charlton team I have seen in my 46 years of supporting them, and I truly hate myself for not wanting us to equalize at the end. Yet if Thomas could not see for himself what a shambles we were and how toxic the atmosphere was within our lowest league home crowd for a long time, then his business plan needs a lot closer scrutiny.

Stanley, a cheating shadow of the team that outplayed us last year, were the next below average team to confidently wipe the floor with our rag tag excuse of a football team.

We started abominably again, went behind but eventually got some sort of rhythm going, the kind of rhythm you’d see at a pensioners disco, and managed to get an equalizer via an own goal.

A few words on Harry Pell, who should have had a hat-tick as his second free-kick was a yard over the line. It has come to something when a player who left us 12 years ago as he couldn’t get so much as a sniff of ever playing a first team game, can give it out so much to the fans. Jeez man, don’t you think we are suffering enough!

Second half was better I suppose, but defensively it was once more shambolic. Famewo was terrible and remind me, are there no other right-footed men in Wales? I don’t want to ever see Gunter in the red shirt of my team ever again.

Adkins waited until the 73rd minute until he made a change, 5 minutes after we went 3-1 down when Stanley scored a carbon copy goal of about 30 others we’ve conceded in the past couple of seasons.

I don’t know what Conor Washington has done to deserve not to be playing, he is about the fittest man we have. Keith Peacock is second, but between him and Davison we almost grabbed a thoroughly underserved point.

Relegation is a distinct possibility and Sandgaard needs to take responsibility and make a decision. Who knows what he is waiting for. Maybe for his fortune to rebound as Zynex’s stock continues to flop.

Mr Positivity: “We’ve started the second-half really well; Corey Blackett-Taylor has got us off on the front foot. Until they’ve scored we’re in it.”

John Coleman: “He’s (Adkins) come under criticism here from the get-go tonight. He’s in a no-win situation – if they win he’s only beaten little Accrington, if he loses you shouldn’t be losing against little Accrington.”

Photo credit: Kyle Andrews

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  1. Bob Miller #

    If you closely watch the body language of many Charlton players, it is clear they are far from being in harmony. They yap at each other, throw up their arms when things go awry, kick the turf when dealt a lousy pass and generally lack any form of chemistry, common purpose, enterprise, desire, hustle, creativity or anything else that a decent footballing side would demonstrate. Since you cannot dispense with an entire squad, the manager must take the hit and hopefully that hit is in the process of being made, even as I type this little observation. Given the constant turmoil at the club these past number of years, we were all so hopeful that things would go right for a change, with the arrival of Thomas Sandgaard. He has done little wrong except hire a very decent, but ineffective, bull-crap spewing manager who simply cannot put it all together. Lower the boom Thomas, it’s the only option you have! I hope to wake in the morning to the news that the deed has been done!

    October 19, 2021
  2. greg brown #

    That is the last Charlton game I will watch until there is a change in the management,and that is the first time I have ever said those words in all the years I have been supporting them (since 1967).
    The team (ha ha ) is devoid of a solid formation, is tactically inept,has no solidarity,passion,hunger,leadership,or it seems,the ability to match the majority of teams in the league.
    The owner has stepped up to the plate and saved this beloved club once……now he must do so again.

    October 20, 2021
  3. Daggs #

    If you look at certain Charlton forums there has been a long and ongoing criticism of Thomas Sandgaards role in our demise. I have never shared or agreed with such criticism.
    He DID save the club from admin. whether the siren voices want to admit it or not. Unfortunately he did also make some rash statements as to where our club would be heading (the 5 yr plan)
    His failure has come about due to no experience in English football and extreme naivety.
    However, he has had ample time to assess what is going wrong and he now needs to act.
    The manager has failed. The SMT messed up the transfer window and the resulting team are a rag-tag shambles. CAFC are heading for League 2.
    A new manager is required ASAP. Though who would take on such a challenge is a difficult question to answer.
    If we are able to entice someone in? He has to be given money/new players in January. Though once again who would wish to join a club heading for relegation.
    It’s an awful mess all round. If no action is taken by TS while he is here in England I’m afraid I may be joining in with the siren voices.

    October 20, 2021
  4. Les #

    Thomas has saved us
    Adkins will be getting in his Taxi today
    By the end of the season we will be near the top of the league
    Sunderland will have slipped into the playoff places and history will repeat itself again

    I can’t wait

    October 20, 2021
  5. Graham Pritchard #

    I am fearful of Saturday. It could be a cricket score. All the playoff misery Sunderland have had with CAFC over the years may come home to roost with a horror score. If you go, you may end up being offered your money back. Can anyone see where wins are going to come from? We could be rock bottom at the start of November. Something needs to change.

    October 20, 2021
  6. Mike #

    CA you are spot again, I can’t even bring myself to comment on that performance as the manager and the whole team were an absolute shambles and disgrace and how some of those players are even in the first team completely baffles me!

    If I had been the owner of this club, I would have gone down into that dressing room at half time and said to Adkins sort this mess out in the second half, no more excuses or you are straight out the door afterwards. Then I would have turned to the team an told them, I am paying your inflated wages and you are all a disgrace to wear the shirt. If you don’t want to roll up your sleves and put some real effort in and play for this club, then you can f… off now and I will be posting on the media afterwards the reasons why you are no longer playing for Charlton again, whilst your agent tries and finds you another club, if he can!

    October 20, 2021
  7. NorfolkRed #

    Still no announcement this morning about Adkins following another nauseating game so l assume TS has bottled it once again. Charlton are sleepwalking towards relegation yet TS dithers to take the inevitable decision to sack Adkins. NA’s position is untenable. Rather than instill a togetherness, he has created a division among the players and the fans. NA had the fans right behind him at the start of the season but he has squandered the good faith and support. He has brought this on himself with some clueless decision making and delusional post match assessments. If TS cannot see how bad this team is then he is delusional too and it will be him that pays the highest price for his indecision. The set-up behind the scenes is as much to blame with some extremely bad decision making and for That Roddy should take his fair share of the blame. TS must act and take action to replace NA and Roddy if he wants Charlton to be in L1 next season. The longer he delays, the harder that feat will be.

    October 20, 2021
  8. Mark #

    Is Thomas Sandgaard just another in the long line of egotists that have recently come, and thankfully gone, through the doors of the Valley in the last decade or is he the proactive US businessman that we thought was taking over our club a year ago? I’m afraid to say that the jury is out on that question at the moment…
    His guitar playing stunt at the Sheffield Wednesday game left a nasty taste in my an Addicks stomach, and his decision to try to run the club from his American base must also be brought into question.

    It is not only Adkins reputation that is on the line today, Thomas must answer some questions as well.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m as grateful as the next Addick for him saving the club from the Mancunian mafia last year – but a year on where are we as a club compared to where we were then?
    We ended that season 7 goals from a play-off place when Adkins inherited Bow’s team.
    Now we are in the division 1 relegation places, and have been for weeks, Adkins tinkers and spouts forth and nothing improves – he has clearly lost the dressing room as well as the supporters.

    Sandgaard must act and if Adkins hasn’t gone and been replaced by a tried and tested ‘Charlton man’ by the end of today then his credibility will nosedive.
    Sorry Thomas, but to be blunt you don’t have a “Scoobey-doo” about running an English football club. That has to be done by someone in the UK so the first thing you need to do after sacking Adkins is to bring in a CEO to act on your behalf on a day-to-day basis. Again, another ex- Charlton man would be the ideal choice to help stop the rot.
    Next, get rid of Roddy – he has single handedly screwed the pre-season purchase of players, some of whom have turned out to be sub-standard and leaving it to the end of the transfer window to bring in most of the players was a recipe for disaster. The season started at the BEGINNING of August, NOT the end of the month several games into the season.

    Like a growing number I will not be returning to the Valley as long as Adkins is in charge. There is no point going to watch the dross of a side that he puts out week after week. Whatever he says in the dressing room clearly isn’t being acted upon by the players – so Adkins simply has to go.
    Reputations are built over a period of time, but the can be destroyed in a very short time. Thomas, your reputation is as much on the line today as Adkins’ is – his is now shot to pieces, yours is quickly diminishing.
    Please, get your act together and act in the best interests of the club.

    October 20, 2021
  9. Daggs #

    He’s gone Chicago.

    October 21, 2021

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